That was scary....

But obviously not intentional.

Glad the kid is okay.

yeah really was.

I thought the home plate umpire overreacted. That pitcher is erratic and a pitch just got away from him. It doesn’t make any sense to plunk the nine-hole hitter to get to the leadoff guy. Plus, there is nothing in Dave Van Horn’s background that suggests his pitchers ever throw at another team, let alone at the head.

I thought the ump overreacted, too, but it was indeed a scary moment. When I was a kid I saw a batter get plunked in the head in St. Louis & he lay still on the ground for quite a while. That ball was probably thrown faster, but I’m sure helmets are much better today than they were then.

The ump over-reacted to the hit and then failed to react to the La Tech players leaving the dugout.

Isn’t there a rule aginst leaving the dugout i that situation?
The umpire made a bad call to eject the pitcher!

I found out today at Swatters Club that when a pitcher has been thrown out of a game for “intentionally hitting” a batter, he is not allowed to play for 4 games … and he cannot be in the dugout or clubhouse while those games are in progress.