That was a war tonight!

This was a very good game to have in terms of getting ready for the NCAAs. It was a tough, physical dogfight. Regardless of what happens tomorrow or next week, this team has showed me so much. That defense played like that will win a whole lot of games for you. MO is a tough matchup for The Hogs, but this is a whole different team than the pretty boy team at the start of the SEC. These guys now understand what it means to be a team and they are not afraid to get inside and bang if needed.


Worst SEC matchup for the Hogs, worse with Williams out, and the Hogs survived. Missouri is tough, physical (they lead the league in fouls believe it or not) and play sound defense. Seemed to me that the Hogs never got into a flow, credit to Missou, but still a Hog W…keepin it going…while Moody only scored his number.

Hawgs fans need to appreciate and enjoy this team (which I know they do). It has been a long, long time since we have had a team as prepared and knowing their roles since the days of Nolan’s teams. It is easy to forget how hard his teams played and all the members contributed. Muss is cut out of the same cloth of getting right players to play their roles and both let the players play their games. Henderson’s job on Mizzou’s big man last night was not imaginable during the first four games this year. That is called coaching and having the talent to execute. Very enjoyable after the long drought.

Shout out to Hunter for making the decision at time to hire Muss and for Muss wanting the job. Winning solves many problems.


Winning is second to only one other activity.

Ethan had a great game last year against Fulkerson of Tennessee, so it was conceivable. But as noted in the Ethan thread, he’s not been playing well consistently enough to get major minutes.

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