That was a war today

Our guys work the pitchers hard.

They never seem out of it…


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Yes it was a tough game today, three games in two days. Really tough on the arms…Yet, Kopps turned in a miracle in the 9th today…50 pitches or so, after pitching the day before…

On the road. Against the nation’s #3 team. And the Rebs were hitting well this weekend. K city.

Kopps got the win after throwing 47 pitches. Somehow I don’t think we’ll see him against UAPB in midweek.

I thought DVH probably pulled Lockhart a little too quick, but that water went under the bridge about four hours ago.

Yep. I agree. Give him a little more leeway. I was concerned with Wiggins. I told my daughter he is bad about giving up home runs and then boom. He proves me right. 98MPH is only good if no one can hit it.

What a crazy game. I just about wore my remote out going back and forth between the baseball game and the Masters. When it was 14 to 6, I left the game and watched the Masters for about an hour, figuring surely we could hold on with that lead. I flip back to the game and was shocked to see 14-14.

It was a great series win against the #3 team in the country on the road! Love beating OM in any sport.


I turned it off after 11- 0 and enjoyed the beautiful day. Went for a long bike ride.

Glad I missed the stressful parts.

No team in the SEC I detest more.


This is like beating them 70-63 in football. Thrilled with the win, but gravely concerned about your pitching/defense.

I really didn’t expect to win that series. Thought we’d get a 1-2 split, but I thought that would be our likely best at their place. Thrilled with this. We haven’t lost one SEC series 40% through and we have one sweep against a very good team on the road. We need to sweep Aggies this weekend. Do that and we’re on pace to win the SEC. Certainly on pace to secure a hosting slot for the NCAA games.

Tough to play three games in 24 hours. No one has the pitching for that.

My synopsis:

Poised hitters outlasted hot dog pitchers. Van Horn more poised under fire than Bianco. Kopps and Broadway both threw 40 something pitches yesterday. Kopps was better today.


And Bianco “led” by example. His team showed their nether regions.

BTW, did you see their ball boy steal the foul ball from our student manager? What a bunch of jerks.


Classless! That’s what was on display by Ole Miss from the fans, players and coaches!
Winning isn’t everything! Show some poise and class no matter what the score is.

It was a tough 2 days for pitchers with wind blowing out and very good hitters on both sides. We will benefit in the long run I think and I Trust DVH to get everything figured out.

One thing I will never worry about with a DVH team.

I will never worry about us showing our a$$e$

We will always play the game with respect and dignity.

And confidence.


Amen, Scott!

It really is striking the difference in the way Arkansas and Ole Miss players carry themselves during games. You’ll get outbursts of emotion from the Razorbacks, but not after every hit, every strikeout, etc.


It annoys me to no end, but I hope Ole Miss keeps it up. It works against them. How many times do we see the frustrated team in college sports - the one griping about every call and blaming everyone but themselves - come up short at the end? I think more often than not.

And in their defense, it’s frustrating when you go into a game thinking you’re great, only to be smacked back down to reality. :sunglasses:

You really have to be there to get the full effect.

Yesterday, I, too, was struck by it.

I remember looking down in the middle innings and it was 11-5 or 11-6 and they were playing some party boy techno music over the sound system and OM had multiple players out on the field dancing to it.

You would never see that from a DVH team. Never.

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I’m sure the OM fans are talking about what a bunch of robots DVH has. Whatever. They got to watch that bunch of robots hogpile at Baum two years ago and send their tiny dancers home.


You want it to be fun and a game. But you have to respect the game and focus, too. Ole Miss players – when they make an error – stare at their gloves like they didn’t do it, the glove did it. You do that playing for Van Horn, you will be watching the game on the bench. The glove has never made an error.