That was a 45-minute war

Defended our butts off, turned them over enough, hit our free throws and they finally called five of Kessler’s 15 fouls.


5 of his 15 fouls? That’s a classic comment! First Garrison Brooks, then Walter Kessler, transfer from UNC to play Arkansas in Bud Walton, pay the consequences.

Kessler went over the back five or six times and fouled on a few of his blocks.


Agree :+1:

I also wouldn’t have been surprised if there had been a few scuffles. That was some all-out intensity on both sides.

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To be fair, Williams could have fouled out a time or two himself. It was a really hard game to officiate.

I think it was war too. I thought Aubie looked good; very good with Flanigan. But, that was a great, great Hog effort. That’s 9.

There were 45 fouls called and could have been 85. Auburn’s five starters: 5, 4, 4, 4 and 4 fouls.

The refs couldn’t give Kesler back the 5 consecutive missed FTs late. That was huge.

I think Kessler got tired late and in overtime, as Pearl, despite all the chatter by the broadcasters about staying true to his rotation, had to play him a lot of minutes against a very active and athletic team.

Pearl Jammed… I swear he was crying at one point.


JWill looked he just went 10 rounds in heavyweight fight. Never yielded tho


A true warrior. Smiling as he takes you down.

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