That sweep of LSU was monumental enough but -------------------

---------------------------- the fact that it pretty much completes a total sweep of Arkansas versus LSU for the entire year is indicative of how well things are going on the Hill under AD Yurachek’s tenure. We beat them in football, swept them in basketball, track seems to have them under control, and now DVH sends them home with their tails between their legs 0-3 for the weekend. Do you think they might be admitting we are a true rival now?

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I consider Arkansas-LSU a big rivalry in baseball. There has not been another team that has challenged LSU in the SEC West as consistently as Arkansas has in the last 20 years. LSU has won the bulk of the series, but there have been a lot of 2-1 weekends, not to mention important games in Hoover and Omaha.

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I have tons of LSU fan relatives and we verbally duel each year at our Cousins Reunion on Lake Claiborne in North Louisiana. They are very reluctant to admit that we are a true rival to them in the SEC. In their hearts, they know it is true, but they refuse to admit it and I can’t wait to discuss our total sweep of them this year. The fact that their baseball coach admitted that we were just better than them really had to burn their butts.

Don’t forget that their (now former) Basketball coach said the same thing after we beat them for a 3rd time in the SEC Tournament.

Softball won the series 2-1. Otherwise we’ve swept them in the “major” sports.

It’s hard to be humble …


I received a text from one of my friends in BR after the series. He called is “an A$$ Whipping”. I asked him about the delay tactics and how that was going over in the games down there. He basically said they like the coach but that he would soon learn that particular tactic won’t go over well in the SEC.

Wonder what he means with the dollar signs? Is he an admirer of the Hunt, Walker, etc. donations that enhanced our faciities or is he claiming something under the table got us better players than their under the table dealing got?

I think that’s to avoid this post being sent to moderation for the word that rhymes with grass.


I don’t think anyone wants to see slow down tactics. Man, I always knew when someone was trying to slow me down in golf. I just tried to play better and beat them worse. I’m not saying I always did. But I did most of the time and that was terrific fun.

That makes sense.

Yea…my friend from BR dis not uae the money signs! :joy:

Kicking butt and taking names. Domination.

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