That sort of win can turn around a program

Yes, I know Ole Miss is not good.

Its not that we beat Ole Miss. Its HOW those kids we call Razorbacks beat Ole Miss. And, yes, our coaching staff…though this is NOT a post about our coaches. (And responders please resist turning this thread into that…)

If you look at our roster, other than Austin Allen and Frank Ragnow…neither of whom played yesterday…this is a YOUNG team (to me “young” means a lack of junior and senior starters who came into the year as starters). The d-line? Young. Really young. The LB’ers are young, especially considering Dre missed most of last year. We are playing a freshman starter at corner. Our TE’s are talented…but young. Our WR’s were all inexperienced. All of them. (Excepting Jared, who barely was able to contribute this year). We are playing a rookie at QB. The o-line has been the biggest disappointment…and that can’t all be attributed to inexperience. However, Clay will tell you the way to have a great offensive line year in and year out is for it to be chocked full of 4th and 5th year starters that waited their turn as other 4th and 5th year starters played in front of them. So, in a sense even they are not very experienced.

What happens when you are young and inexperienced? You are impressionable, that’s what. And you lack true confidence. Because confidence is earned in one’s own mind as you experience success. Not by imagining success. Experiencing it.

I have thought that the way we lost to Missouri then Va Tech last year really undermined confidence in the psyches of our young roster.
Losing in overtime, again, to A&M, seemed to shatter it. You could see the frustration on their faces. Anguish even.

Then yesterday happened. Sheer joy on their faces. But, far more important than momentary joy, proof in their own minds that you indeed never give up. You never know what lies around the corner. Hard work paid off yesterday. The biggest comeback in school history!

So, IMO, the win yesterday was far more important than most seem to believe. And if this young roster goes on to have good seasons next year, and the next, it just might be this game they all point to that changed the trajectory.

It’s a win and we needed it for the players psyches. Some with agendas want to bash this win but the players needed a win after the last 3 games against USCe, Bama and AU. As you stated, it is impressive in that we came back from a big deficit to win this.

I’m not going to bash the win ( it was fun !!) , but it’s one positive in an otherwise disasterous season.

Can’t it turn things? Absolutely!

But it will take more than one win against a poor Ole Miss team for me to believe that.

Earlier this year when things started heading south some on this board - including the second poster In this thread - suggested the back end of the schedule was easier and conducive to making a run. LSU lost to a Sunbelt team. MSU was manhandled by Georgia and Auburn. Missouri is bad. All winnable games for a team turning the corner.

In order to prove this was a game changer wins in at least two of the final three should be attainable and expected. Otherwise, yesterday will merely be remembered as a fun ending to a game between two less than average football teams.

The next month will be interesting to watch play out.

Lord you need a puppy

I have two puppies already - can’t handle another one! Seriously, I don’t understand why suggesting the Hogs need to win a couple of more to show they have turned the corner bothers you?

Help me understand!!

Arkansas has the schedule in November to where this win could serve as a launching point, but I still think the defense is going to put the team behind the eight-ball in some of those games. You can’t expect so many turnovers and Ole Miss was still hitting some big plays in the second half.

By my count, Ole Miss had 10 plays of 24 yards or more. That has to get cleaned up.

Your petty crap about what I posted months ago and taking the time to remember says a lot.


Did you not say the back end of the schedule was more manageable and point out LSU’s loss to Troy and say MSU wasn’t as good as originally thought after they beat LSU? Is it wrong to remember that you said that?

By the way I happen to agree you, but I still think LSU and MSU are better teams. That said, to make progress in this league you have to find ways to win a few where you are an underdog. Yesterday was one of those. Can they win at least one more and then win as a favorite against Mizzou?

We shall see…

Our D,s poor play yesterday put us in the hole, then turned around and dug us out of the hole. I think our running game helped our D get more of a breather between possessions to keep them somewhat fresher than in earlier games. If our running game shows up we are a much better team instantly and our schedule is favorable for our run game. If our defense can stop the poor tackling and stop being hesitant we would be much improved. Confidence may help in being hesitant but not sure what it takes to change the mindset to improve tackling issues. As you said in your post this can be a launching point to turning things around, no doubt this was the high point of what’s been a dismal season so far. WPS

4-8 or 5-7 is probably the best we do, but we will have to let the season play itself out these next 4 weeks. Our defense could get a little better, but the only thing that is really going to improve it is better recruiting. We gave up 566 yards and 37 points which is not a good performance, especially when you consider it was to a backup quarterback. What would Shea Patterson have done to us considering he is one of the most talented quarterbacks in college football?

I don’t fault Paul Rhodes because he just doesn’t have the talent to play quality SEC defense. We don’t have the speed and talent to play with the better SEC teams on defense. We will have to depend on Dan Enos’s offense as we have done in 2015 and 2016 to win. We’ll have to play outstanding offensive football to win any more SEC games.

It’s how the Hogs rallied that builds a team and can definitely turn around a season. Seen it happen before. The “how” is what was so impressive.

I was pleasantly shocked but definitely shocked with the comeback. At 31-7, I was preparing to go about my day and accept the fact that the Bielema era was over and ending in tragedy. Glad I kept watching for a bit.

It was impressive. Coming back from 24 down is huge – I guess it is the greatest comeback in UA football history. Those who have been angry about the inability to make adjustments during the game, well, you got your wish yesterday. What an adjustment – giving up big play after big play with Ole Miss scoring at will and cruising to 31 points…and from that point forward the Hogs held Ole Miss to 2 field goals. Hogs out scored Ole Miss 31-6 to close out the game. It’s the kind of play that’s been missing going to back to the Mizzou game last year and maybe earlier.

Anybody else notice how these players rally around the Goliath-QB Cole Kelley? He’s the leader, and the leader this team has been needing. He’s the future.

5-7 and maybe Bielema gets to stay in my opinion, depending on how the Hogs get there.

6-6 with a bowl trip and Bielema gets one more season.

I know those who have already made up their minds want Bielema gone regardless. I get it. But please don’t be like those sorry fans from past seasons who openly rooted for the Hogs to lose back when they wanted HDN fired. I know you are better than that and will not be that way. LIke I noted in another post, the level of discourse and civility on this Board has turned this into a great place for adult and intelligent discussion.

I don’t believe the win shatters skepticism about this team and it shouldn’t. We have to remember we’re the same team that fell behind 31-7 to begin with, having given up a game’s-worth of yardage in the process. But it’s not about the fans’ skepticism; it’s about the players’ psyche. The victory should give the players confidence and reassurance that there’s no place for giving up. Confidence and momentum are fragile for a 3-5 team, but as of this moment, they have it. What will they do with it?

As Yogi Berra said, "Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical’. It’s the mental part that has been lacking. Once these kids believe they can win, they can. There was an article on the recruiting side that talked about a recruit who originally went to Rhode Island, only to find out that the Seniors who were supposed to be leading the team had not been winners and didn’t have the right mindset to turn the corner. That’s why coaches want kids who come from successful programs–they want winners. Most of our players fit that category when they arrived on the Hill. But, four years of mediocre results may have instilled a mindset akin to that of the Rhode Island Seniors. A win like this can turn the page, if not right the ship. A big win next week will help, then it will be up to the “winners” to go into Baton Rouge and steal one from the Tigers, just like Troy did.

Still time to right the ship! This could end up being a pretty good season. I sure hope so. I"ll gladly take a 7-6 season after the way things have gone! GHG!

Let’s see, Sosa Agim didn’t play in the first quarter. He did play in the second. There just might be some correlation to the better play by the defense beginning in the second quarter.

I think that is a completely reasonable post from Jackson. I love the feeling today than I have had after the last three weeks but lets tap the brakes just a bit. A momentous win vs Ole Miss was supposed to be program turner the last three years, or LSU 17-0 in 2014 or TCU last year, etc. Maybe it is but there MUST be follow through. If they go out now and get lit by 50 by LSU, MS Sate or MIzzou or any combination thereof, we are kind of back to square one.

our defense is like the arkansas democrat online directors former high school

comment about our defense being worse than high school was totally unnecessary !

i loved the win

ole miss was terrible

and it was not a well played game

more of a comedy of errors

we are very far from a good program or a good team
winning the game to see who is worst doesnt change that

while i would love the program to be turned around it didnt happen saturday