That slashing thing

What exactly does it mean? Who started it? Is it an unsportsmanlike call in the NFL too?

It is an OJ Simpson thing, I have seen it being penalized for years, just stupid jester

As I recall, a few years back there were several incidents of players doing the throat slash (drawing a finger across your throat) after big plays that got a really bad reaction from the public. What it means is “you’re dead; my play cut your throat.” But that imagery is, understandably, quite disturbing. So the powers that be outlawed it by making it an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It’s in the same class as spiking the ball or taking off your helmet: automatic 15 yards. Hill’s slash didn’t go across the throat, (he started at his throat with his finger and pulled down across his chest) but was close enough for the refs, at least the second time he did it.

In the age of keyboard Cowboys we have lost just common decency and good sportsmanship

Thank goodness Coach B demands it