That second game at Texass was like a Colonoscopy..........painful to watch and very revealing!

DVH took advantage of the away game, hostile crowd, etc. to see who might step up this year and who might not be ready. Despite the backup catcher throwing the ball back & over the head of the pitcher, it ending up in the outfield giving them a run, despite almost a record number of walks and hit batters, and despite our best player, Martin, still struggling to get going, we could have won that game in the ninth inning. Against the #11 team in the country. At their place. Playing our worst game of the year.

So the Polyps were:

  1. We now know why the backup catcher and the backup DH are backups. No mystery there.
  2. We now know why the freshman pitcher, Noland, is starting on weekends and the other freshman pitchers aren’t. He throws strikes and makes them earn their runs. The others…not so much.
  3. We now know our starting pitchers and position players are better than Texass’ and will be even more better when Martin gets his act together.
  4. The back half of our batting order continues to out perform the front half and it may soon be time for DVH to shake things up to get the front half performing to its pre-season projections. Lookout SEC when that happens.


Agree on all except perhaps whether DVH needs to rearrange the batting order. I’d like Franklin to get more AB’s, but I’ll defer to DVH as to why he’s batting 9th. It’s frustrating to watch Martin. We all know how capable he is, but a couple of his at-bats last night were painful to watch. He let one go that he could have hammered then swung at the next pitch that was 2 feet outside. I’m ready for him to shake out of this.

Meanwhile Franklin is a really big surprise. He continues to step up in hitting and fielding.

Fortunately, we’re ahead of where we were this time last year & it worked out pretty well for us. Now we need to steal a series on the road at Tusca-loser. That would go a long way toward salving my hurt feelings from that Texass loss.

Couple of good posts there…I HATE losing to Texas, any time, any place, for any reason. But you just can’t use all your front-line players EVERY game; you’ve got to let the newcomers dip their toes in the water, and better in Austin than Tuscaloosa.

Martin is a bat swinger. He doesn’t look like he likes walks, he wants to hit. He swung one a foot over his numbers last night and you could see the frustration. That is the only negative so far as far as him batting leadoff. Has superb speed, can steal bases, can get infield hits. I don’t know much about mechanics of a baseball team, but he’s hitting a lot of high fly balls. His obp could be higher if he would be more selective but kid wants to hit. He will come around. They are throwing tons of offspeed stuff at him and fastballs out of the srtrike zone. His aggressiveness is hurting him right now. Not that concerned. Coach vh will straighten him out.

Razor you are swing it the same way I am.
When Casey Martin stops getting himself out he will catch fire! I’m not concerned yet but will be if it continues for over the Next few weeks.

Alabama has a very good Friday starter and a good closer, but past that, their pitching got exposed last weekend vs. Ole Miss. I think we’e got a chance to hang some crooked numbers up Saturday and Sunday… could be a good chance for Martin to get it going.