That’s Doug Show’s music

Bad, bad news. He’s the worst ref in the league and most inclined to be in the pocket of the blue blood. Not good.

According to HogStats, we’ve won more than 60% of our games with Doug blowing the whistle. And a lot of those were with teams that sucked.

I’ve grown to like Doug much more than in the past. Seems like the last few games this year with his crew, they have pretty much let the guys play and haven’t tried to take over the game.

He was the one that actually called the push off offensive foul on UK in the last minute today, therefore he is now public enemy number one in Lexington tonight.

Disagree about Shows. He’s a solid referee. I thought the crew did a really good job today.

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I think all in all, the refs have let people play this year. Sometimes too much. But it went to our benefit today, and probably against Tennessee too. It took them forever to get there but Kessler finally fouled out on his 15th foul of the night,

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Shows is one of the top officials in the country and has been for many years. He’s called Final Fours, Duke-UNC games, etc. if you see him on the floor, you know it’s a big game.

Btw, Nolan expressed great respect for him more than once.

Notorious, you must be confusing Shows with someone else.


From The Athletic:

Doug Shows

“He’s got a little bit of the show pony in him. He doesn’t always just pay attention to the game.’’

“Always in a bad mood and angry toward coaches.”

“He’s actually a good official, but some guys don’t like him because he’s a little bit of a showman. But I think he’s good.”

“Shows has a commanding presence. Keeps a firm control of the game. Very consistent.”

That’s from a survey of coaches. Maybe he has calmed down some, but in previous years, John Clogherty—not exactly a wallflower himself—thought Shows was a showboat, before improving.

He’s just not my style—same for TV Teddy Valentine.

You go from calling him the worst ref in the league and suggesting that he accepts bribes to this?

Sounds like a personal problem.


TV Teddy has seemed to improve the last few years, same with Shows. I’d love to see them both on the court at Knoxville next Sat. I think they’re old enough now to not let the crowd influence their calls.

I said he wasn’t my style. I posted quotes about him from coaches. . I never said or meant to imply anything about bribes.

My wording should have been much, much better. That’s my mistake. I apologize. It was poor. i was not suggesting he takes bribes. I was suggested it seems to me like he gets stars in his eyes. But, my wording was bad and unfair.

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