That’s as blatant of Offensive PI you will ever see

First time our DB actually plays the ball correctly and of course the refs screw us royally.

Terrible coverage, actually. Back turned to the ball. Offensive PI should have been called

Look again
This time he was actually looking back at the ball coming in

These refs have been pro Missouri all game. Nothing new.

You are absolutely correct Sir.

Clearly poor coverage. Receiver can’t push like that, though.

The coverage looked good to me. It was a terrible no-call. Could’ve been the difference in the game.

CBS makes the play it’s play of the game. How ironic with all this team has gone thru.

Yep it was good coverage.

absolutely no way that was good coverage

Good coverage or not it was OPI, refs didn’t realize the state of Missouri is about 30 miles north. Pathetic officiating :twisted: :evil:

How in the world do you say that wasn’t good coverage? He beat the man to the spot, then got shoved out of the way.

Debate the good coverage/bad coverage all you want. That was a blatant push off by the receiver, right in front of the ref. and NO CALL!

Ya. It really was. Good coverage.

Head was around, he was about to make a play on the ball (the way he had on 2 other INTs even though a prior poster said it was the first time we played the ball correctly) and was 2-hand pushed in the back.

Absolutely no clue what you see and what you think he could or should have done differently.

As the ball arrives his back was pointed toward the ball and receiver. Besides the PI push, how in the world can the defender make a play with his butt?

You answered your own question! How was the receiver able to push him in the back!??

Tackled Allen by the face mask and no call. Killed a drive.