That on sidekick was a thing of beauty

We ran that on sidekick to perfection! The two people responsible for taking out Alabama’s closest people to the ball were absolutely crushed by Pooh Paul and Jordan crooks. Go back and look at that and you will be impressed the guy crooks hit got up feeling every bit of that LOL.


Let’s not be finding any bright spots Billy. Not cool on here. :joy:


Nobody on the board this morning or last night got up on their soapbox to berate us lesser knowledgeable peons, and Swine must still be at work.

I loved it

Ya where is Swine? I thought that last night. He could be throwing haymakers, LOL

Swine’s back!!

You’re reminding me why I hate the state of Alabama, Fred. You’re a complete stenotic sphincter, just like the rest of your state.

Can someone that watched on TV confirm what they were reviewing on that kick? The shot that they kept replaying on the stadium screen was right as our blockers were hitting the Bama players. I thought one of ours was about to be penalized for targeting, based on the sequencing of the stop/start. It looked to be more about the hit than the recovery.

At first blush, I thought the ball might have hit Bates’ hand before it went 10 yards, but then the replay showed it didn’t. That was what I thought they were reviewing.

The T v announcers said they were reviewing whether Arkansas blocked anyone prior to the ball going 10 yards .

Yeah I was kind of curious why they were reviewing and get that ball was absolutely perfectly kicked and the headhunters just crushed the two bama players I was just very very impressed with the execution of it because it’s very hard to kick a ball like that and have it stop at about 11 yards

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I never knew you couldn’t

Showing your true character once again. I was wondering if your girlfriend had dropped you on your head again


Me neither but they said that was the rule on onside kick

Outstanding call and execution on the on-side kick. Awesome. Overall, the kicking game has improved tremendously the last few years. Cam Little was back to himself. Kick-offs were perfect. Need work on the punt coverage.
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