That Mason Jones interview...

Best recruiting Thursday basketball interview to date IMO. It was really good stuff RD. Really excited to see him play next year.

Thanks Blu. It helps when you have guys like Mason and Jabril.

For people that don;t know, Jabril came on and surprised Mason. The Jones and Durham families are very close.

Here’s the interview: … zorback-s/

Good stuff Richard ole Jabril is a hoot as well.

That he is. Mr. Personality.

Great interview. Thanks Richard. GHG!

Comments: Great Stuff Richard, regarding your dual interview with both Mason and Durham. For me personally I love to hear young men that have grounded themselves in the Lord. Hold on to your faith Durham, your journey through one of those eastern block countries will last only a season, As it relates to Mason I believe he will fit in nicely and will become one of many fan favorites as it relates to this incoming class.
I believe Garland will be cleared this upcoming season to pursue his desires

I hope to put up some tidbits from those on Saturday.