That makes 2 SEC Series Wins to start!

One of which is a sweep on the road against what is thought to be a very good team that could challenge for the title, but they are now 3 back of Ark. The key is to just keep winning series. Do that and look up at the end of the season and we will all be very happy where we are.

Winning series is the key but throw in there a couple of sweeps and it could get interesting early!

Been forever since we swept Miss St at there house. I think we did it last year at Baum for 2nd time ever.

I was worried about the series and really glad for the sweep. Great conference start.

As DVH said, sweeping MSU in Starkville is “ A pretty big deal.”

Auburn is 0-6 and we need to send them home with an empty bag at 0-9. Then the Rebnecks at Oxbarn. Rebs go to Gainesville this weekend; would be nice if the Wallets take a game or two.

The sweep makes up for letting one get away against Bama. I had expected (hoped) for a sweep there

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That’s my outlook on it, too. But I am thrilled to be 5-1 with the schedule we’ve played so far. I hope Fla wins the series against OM next week. They’re 6-0, but they played Auburn rather than MSU. They swept Bama & we were 2-1 against them. I think our schedule has been the tougher so far.

The Hogs have 8 wins against Top 25 teams. Vandy has 4.

Hogs have 6 wins against Top 10 teams. Vandy has 0.

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If Prielipp had been able to pitch for Bama, I wouldn’t have been surprised to lose Friday night. But the way our staff stunk it up that Friday night, I think I could have gotten the win for them, and my fastball topped out at about 55.

Arkansas looks like a more complete team than Vanderbilt, to me.

Vanderbilt has the powerful 1-2 starting duo of Rocker and Leiter, and that’s a great equalizer, but I don’t think the Commodores have the lineup or the bullpen of the Razorbacks.

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I’m glad to hear that. I haven’t seen Vandy play all year. I just know their record of having great pitchers. I remember Rocker. Leiter’s record this year is just as impressive. We have some good pitchers, but our lineup looks good from top to bottom.

Yes it would. Maybe Florida can win that series this weekend. The hogs found to Ole Miss in 2 weeks will be fun. First send Auburn home with another 0-3 weekend and go beat Ole Miss. The western division is brutal. We shouldn’t expect the hogs to win every series but don’t get the brooms pulled out on them.

The Hogs seem to lack that one 350+ hitter that most top teams have. Vandy has 1. But Vandy also leads the SEC in team BA; Hogs are 7th in the SEC. The Hogs do lead the SEC in HRs per game (still, Vandy is 12th nationally). Considering Vandy also leads the SEC in ERA and Slugging %; they look pretty good to me.

I’m not saying Vandy isn’t impressive, but they have played a weaker schedule. Would Arkansas have a higher average playing Vandy’s schedule to this point? I think so.

Arkansas has some really impressive wins against good pitching teams.

Not sure that correlates to the Hogs appearing to have a more complete team, but I’m not arguing much.

While I think two wins at OSU fairly approximates a first weekend toppling of Team Texas. The sweep of MSU is hands down superior to anything Vandy has accomplished thus far.

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