That loss is on the

players…At some point somebody has to step up and make a play.

As my wife and I were driving home the game, we came to the same conclusion. Most of these players have been coached by 2 different staff now and we get the same losing result. So, yes I agree for the most part, it has to be on the players. :frowning:

There’s enough blame to go around I’m thinking, slow play calling from the sidelines show indecisiveness and inabilities to make productive changes on defense is on players and coaches. WPS

defintion of INSANITY is to do the same thing over and over but expect different results and that’s exactly what we did!we kept trying to run the ball(intentionally not blocking the DE most of the time) and never tried to take advantage of them playing with a completely depleted secondary(had RBs back their!!) you saw how they covered the slant! where were the passes to the TE off play action that we ran all last week against Bama?? OM is the worst defense in the SEC.Kelly can throw the ball 10yds!a lot we could have done but didn’t even try!

I think the main reason was the injuries. We don’t have enough depth across the board to have players injured. When Boyd and Whaley went out our running game disappeared. Then ty going down was the final blow.

If Storey, Boyd and Whaley had been able to play the full game, Arkansas would have won IMHO

But Ole Miss had been decimated in the secondary and had lots of other injuries before the game so there’s that to factor in as well.

Fully healthy, Ole Miss is a better team than Arkansas.

Ole Miss is probably a little better than us because they have a good quarterback.

However, scoring 6 points in the 2nd half against one of the worst defenses in NCAA football. That defies description.

We did not attack on offense in the 2nd half. We tried not to lose. The coaches did not challenge Ole Miss. They set themselves up for this loss. We all know our pass defense is horrible. Our secondary is among the worst we have ever had. We had to keep trying to score touchdowns against the Rebels. They let their fear of losing just destroy their game plan. No person believed we would beat Ole Miss by kicking 2 second half field goals. If they were afraid to let Cole Kelley play, why not put in Connor Noland? He faced defenses about like Ole Miss’ in high school. Where was Maleek Williams? He is a bruising runner…no you keep a scatback, Chase Hayden in the game. Hayden was not effective and hasn’t been all year.

Trying not to lose is a the way to lose. You have to have the courage to try to win, even if you lose. When the game gets tight, the coaches get scared and go into prevent loss mode. This game was coached similarly to the Colorado State game. Both could have been won, but were lost.

I agree with this to an extent. At some point the players need to stop posting motivational, “us against the world tweets” and start making plays.

Gabe Richardson has been posting for weeks about how they don’t need the supposed fair weather fans and they just need one another.

What they really need is to stop with the woe is me crap and make a game winning play. Regardless of the very conservative approach again last night, there were easy plays to be made and when the heat was on they choked.

This - make a freaking play. 97 yards to go and less than two minutes to do it.

And boy did they make it look effortless.

If Pettway makes the catch on the slant, he may still be running. The ball hit him in the wrong place: the hands. Now he partially made up for it on the third-down catch, but the other way might have gone the distance or at least put the Hogs in plus territory. That may have changed the next few calls, might have put the RebSharks on their heels, or could have put the Hogs up 40-30 with two minutes left. At some point, the players have to step up and make winning plays at winning time.

Yes this +1.
A bad punt becomes a great one because of a very generous bounce. But as usual our defense plays ok until 3rd down long or short, we allowed the critical conversion(s). OM did nothing different on that long drive but make our defense look much worse than theirs.
Agreed the players need to stop their social media drama & make the plays on the field & let the fans congratulate them on social media.

There was some things that I notices from watching the game besides loosing my cool. We have got to accept the fact that this is a rebuilding year, no doubt about it. Also the defense did not show up in the second half, and last but not least is the fact we need help and soon in the offensive line. It has been bad all year. Coaches or players, I don’t know , but the players did not preform. That is why I say it is a rebuilding year.

there was some things

We have a problem playing defense in the second half of a game and it started with CBB and continues with CCM two different head coaches and DC’s. Yet we looked exactly the same last night,playing not to lose didn’t work with previous coach and yet this regime try’s to play the same way it looked to me. Not sure I understand this philosophy and I’m ready to try something else being there is absolutely nothing to lose. WPS

This team was build to be a Big Ten team and not capable of covering the kind of athletes in the SEC. The next few seasons will be about correcting the horrendous mistakes of CBB and Long.

It stinks to wake up every Sunday morning and after church read about how bad our hogs are! The poor tackling and choking on 3rd down. Regardless it it’s 3rd and 1 or 20 they choke. We have all watched Santos make those same mistakes by missing tackles and it continues. The personal fouls at the wrong time ( winning time ) by Cantrell. Snaps all over the galaxy and it’s game 6 of the season. This is a broken record by this group of upperclassmen and what they are programmed to do get beat! I’ll be glad to see a roster turnover with speed on both sides of the board.
Scoota Harris needs to teach the tackling class to the defense. He needs to be a team captain. Leading by example.

My Take–We continue to lose in the fourth quarter because the players are flat worn out. Depth is not there to give them some relief.