That, hog fans

Was a great win. Resume builder. Gafford played awesome. I would have never picked Arkansas after watching them dismantle Marquette but our kids played great. And still have lots of room for improvement. Pumped.

Agree 100%

Gafford was the difference, no doubt. He played his best game…He played so hard. It was nice to finally win a game for the fans. We have had a tough fall. It took everything Gafford had to win this for the Hogs.

Seth Greenberg wouldn’t give us a compliment if his life depended upon it.

Amen to that. Why doesn’t he like us?

It will be interesting in March to see how many “buts” get put on the win. Indiana was on the road and had four players out, so the loss does not hurt them a bit.

If we are a bubble team, there will be some of the talking heads that will try to “but” this as being a nice check on our resume.

Regardless, it was super important for this young bunch to persevere and win a game against a really good opponent late, especially after losing in kind of the same manner against Texas. This non-conference schedule is all about developing this team, and this win does exactly that.

great win for youngest team in America


There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence suggesting he steered or at least encouraged Perry to flip.

He gave us a lot of compliments last game and before this one but I can’t stand his lying, cheating, no NCAAT-making, Uncle Fester looking face.