That guy is incredible hitter

Missouri State shortstop is an unbelievable player. When we have got him out he about knock somebody down with the ball he is just an incredible hitter had a feeling he was going to do that!!

That team does a nice job of making pitchers work and hitting the ball the other way

I would like to see Chad Spanbeger go to the opposite field

Helps when you throw him the exact pitch he wants.
He has played pepper with the RF wall and bullpen all weekend on outside pitches. He’s tall and long and likes the ball outside so he can extend his arms. And we game it to him on a platter with 2 guys hitting .067 and .247 behind him.

he hits it hard to all fields,he almost knocked arledge down a= last night as well as Biggers too.kid is just good! very strong powerful swing.

I’ve heard scouts think Eierman is a better prospect than Jake Burger, and Burger will be a first-rounder later this month.

Yes having seen both of them he’s better than berger. That kid hits the ball hard pretty much every time he bats!