That guy got Duwopped!

What a Hit!


Just thinking about Duwop earlier today. Great hit.

Good to see him contributing…

my jaw literally dropped when Duwop made that hit. Talk about knock your socks off…physicality has been taken up about 10 levels today.

Awesome. I think he shat his britches. We have been much more physical than them all game. Way to go hogs. Win or lose we have out hit them all game

Florida is going to be licking their wounds after this game. We have been significantly more physical. Time to finish.

These announcers just keep hoping Fla wakes up but the hogs are dominting so far

Duwop will forever be known for that hit! That’s fantastic for him. Twenty years from now, they will still be playing that hit.

I think this play set the tone for the second half…really deflated the gators and got the crowd going.

Twenty years from now that Gator will surely remember the hit…

Maybe it’s not too late to make a position change… He was a heck of a high school safety. Bielema said today that they’ve tried to pitch the move to Duwop but he doesn’t like the idea of hitting every day. Maybe that’s worth reconsidering.

I’ve honestly been thinking this entire season about duwop’s talents on defense. CBB has always talked about his raw talent, but he’s always been buried by all the depth in front of him. You would think he would be a stud as a big safety or fast linebacker.

Would have liked to see that type of play at safety , wonder if Duwop would have made difference at safety past two years.

When I saw that hit, I thought who was that! I surprised to see number 7. That might make him start to like it.


That poor Gator kick returner had to be escorted off the field into the locker room. Pretty sure he still has no clue where he is nor where that Mac truck that ran over him suddenly appeared from.

Old school hit. In this age of tutu wearring refs it is amazing we didn’t get flagged.

A thing of beauty!