That could be the end of our NCAA hopes

Not trying to be over dramatic but we just didn’t have much room for error and losing to a terrible Mizzou, even in the road, probably all but assures us of being on the outside looking in (barring beating both Florida and S. Carolina or making a deep SEC tourney run). Wonder why the Bud never gets close to full…we just can’t seem to generate any consistent momentum as a program.

Yep. No doubt.

I agree this loss has destroyed our NCAA hopes. The only way we get in is by winning six of our next eight games including beating either Florida or south Carolina.

Yes we had to win all the games we were supposed to win and now we will have to win one or two games we are supposed to lose (SC and Fla)

Don’t understand that starting 5 either as we always seem to get behind with that group

l like a trapping defense, but why do it all the time and leave guys wide open for twos and threes!!!

Mike better throw out all the stops now. He has to quit saying that cj jones is that much worse at D than dusty is. Thomas needs to stay deep on the bench. Airdrio needs to fly at least 18min per game. manny or beard should come in as soon as Macon or Barford make their first dumb turnover. Manny and Kingsley need to take control of the team. Everybody else needs to put up or sit down.

This team is leader less and has discipline!
You win by playing and acting the right way. This team doesn’t play with heart. They need to find it. And no chance of making the NCAA without winning the SEC tournament.
The idea of just showing up to fight to come back from getting down is stupid! Play with some fire and get a lead and keep it. This is a historical bad loss. Worse than the Mississippi State loss. Maybe they just don’t care that’s got to be it because that’s how they play for 30 minutes of every game. I think I’m becoming a cub fan because being a hog fan has some things in common. There’s always next year! I would have bet the farm the hogs would beat that horrible Missouri basketball team. But it just reminds how horrible that loss to them in football was!