That best starting pitcher

for OSU can he pitch again. ANYBODY know if OSU is holding SOME pitching back??

Or Bed Bugs team??

I don’t recall his pitch count, but I think it was fairly high. I don’t see how they would bring him back out tonight. But you never know.

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He had 93 pitches last night.

He should be done.

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You never know. They might have a legend-in-the-making like Charley Boyce.

(And if any of you don’t know who Charley Boyce was, you need to learn a little more about 2004.)

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This has been an amazing comeback by OSU. They will have momentum when we play tonight. I just hope they’re spent.


Everyone, including, (Iron Man) Charley, knew that the pros weren’t in his future. That Sunday game 2 was his day to leave his mark in Razorback History. And boy did he!
The pitcher for OSU won’t jeopardize what he has in front of him. But…you never know.


I agree. Pro prospects would never do what Charley Boyce did.

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