That Bailey Shot

I went back and watched that Bailey shot, it’s even worse the 2nd time around when you really pay attention. He was literally behind the basket and attempted a shot when Joe was wide open for 3 calling for the ball and Jones was literally in front of him wide open for a layup. How the most experienced player on the team fails to recognize time, situation, and where he is on the court is beyond me.


Ya. I did, too. It was painful. Really had to work hard to mess up that last possession. Jones turned the corner and had a step.

If he keeps going (or dumps down to Gafford) they shoot a layup. Then on Bailey’s rebound, as you point out, Joe is wide open at the top of the key for a 3, as was Jones for a layup.

That’s the third time they’ve really frozen up in close games with a chance to step up. Very frustrating.

What I’m wondering is how many times does Bailey have to mess up before someone else gets those minutes? Chaney gets too aggressive and picks up a foul, CMA takes him out and doesn’t play him but 5 minutes, Adrio Bailey fumbles a wide open layup and gives up a wide open 3 pointer when we’re on our run and he gets to stay out there and close the game and ends up making a critical mistake.

Just looking at the Phillips situation it’s hard to knock the kid for wanting a change when some players get a lot longer leash than others. Bailey has now made 2 critical mistakes to end games, one against Texas and now one against Florida. How many more games or players do we have to lose before he makes a change. I’m obviously not a D1 coach, but it’s pretty obvious that both Gabe and Chaney have more upside than Bailey. I’d personally run a 3 forward lineup with Gafford/Gabe/Chaney, and Bailey playing a few spot minutes around 5-8 MPG. I’m sorry but he’s just not a 20+ MPG guy on any team that hopes to be any good.

Gabe is just as bad as Bailey both are not power five talent