Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament Schedule

I see on ESPN’s schedule that after the Hogs play Oklahoma on Thanksgiving, that they play either Portland or NC on Friday. But, I thought there was supposed to be a third game on Sunday, which isn’t shown on any schedule I can find. Is the tournament over on Friday?

No, everyone is guaranteed 3 games.

The other side of the bracket is UConn, Oregon, Michigan St., and DePaul. We’ll be playing one of those four on Sunday. Either for 1st, 3rd, 5th, or 7th. Depends on if we’re in winners bracket or consolation bracket. Every team gets 3 games. Interestingly, there will be another 8 team bracket being played the same days, but each bracket is independent of the other.

Here are the brackets, with days and times:

If Arkansas beats OU, it’s essentially guaranteed three big-time games. Obviously everyone wants the UNC rematch, but people I’ve talked to in the program think OU is the biggest game of the week for strength of schedule purposes. They do not want to play Portland.