Thanks to those giving

the new board a chance.

I know it is far more cooler in today’s society to be against something instead of for it, but there were obvious big-ticket reasons for making the switch.

I am sure it will all become more user-friendly as we get to know it better.


I certainly understand the reason / need for the change. The old board was struggling for sure. I just find this one more tedious to use the way I was used to using the old board. As with anything new it takes time to figure out a different process and in time it’ll be old hat. A few simple things would make this better and I’m sure (well, hopeful) that improvements will be made over time. The one thing that is really annoying to me is the Unread - I used that religiously to see all the new responses to existing posts and new posts. This format makes that much more difficult to manage.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional!

Carry on…

I am slowly working my way through the new board,Will take some time but will figure it out! People my age(70) don’t pick up new things so quickly!

I found, as previously discussed by Wiz, that when you open a thread that was previously read, it takes you to the first unread post automatically. Threads with new posts have red dot following title.

It will get to be second hand. I know that some things are tough for old dogs. I qualify. But it seems like it’s going to be MUCH faster.

The more I play around with it , the more I like it. Much easier to post pictures and videos. Although I did have to switch browsers. Couldn’t get it to pull up in IE.

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I like it!

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I’m digging it so far. The interface on my iPhone and iPad are head and shoulders better than we’ve ever had.

I love the new board and can’t figure out why some people don’t like it. It’s more visually appealing, intuitive and easy to navigate.

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If there’s a new post, as indicated by the red dot, was that poster the one with the last icon, like the green circled N?

I am one that always hates change. Every time the Weather Channel changes its web site I am like, “AHHHHH!” Same think for lots of other sites. I have learned that if I will just calm down and get used to the changes, I usually am fine in the end.

Can I be a “grumpy old man” at 56? :smile:

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I’m 75 I’ve seen a lot of changes in my life and I’ve been against everyone of them. Lol

I need help. I can’t log on to the forums using my old computer which has Safari. Tech hasn’t been able to help me resolve the issue. I have had to go to another computer. Why can’t somebody just call m?. I am tired of the e-mails to try to fix this.

Seth’s video certainly helped me with navigation and posting. You should take the time and watch it.

Instructional video – BBH

I like Seth more every day I’m around him. He can actually coach me and that’s darn near impossible.