Thanks to the Tech Team

We are all quick to complain when we have problems with our service. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to the forum technical team that has been working on the log in issues. I have been able to log in without issue the past few days. It’s great to have the easy access back. Let’s hope we flush out all the wrinkles with new board before football season.

You have a great team and a great product. Keep up the good work.


The folks in customer service and with the tech team have worked tirelessly to solve issues. It required individual time with a large number of accounts in the merge. Everything had to be exactly the same with addresses and that means no entry errors. This may surprise some people, but you may not fill out an address the same in two different places. And, you may not use the same email or you may not update your emails. Does that surprise anyone?

And that’s where the complex issues with the login failed. In most cases it was the person signing up for the website entering their address slightly different or a system that asked different questions in different places. It’s all coming together because a large group worked very hard to get it correct. We had a team of people go through every address and compare them in different systems and create everything that is exactly the same. Only way it would work.

I will also vouch for the Tech crew. They helped me with a very obscure problem, one that none of us even considered until we just happened on it. The inner workings of the login procedure seem to be VERY complex.

I’m new to Whole Hogs and was having trouble logging in after paying subscription. When I called, help was very professional and quick. I received a phone call letting me know that the problem had been solved. You can’t get any better. It makes me think that I made a good decision.

Thanks for sharing. I promise the effort is there.

I have spent my entire career in IT industry. There is no such thing as a perfect IT system without technical issues, especially a newly converted one. I have always operated under the belief that you don’t lose customers because you have technical issues, but you lose customers based on how you respond to technical issues.

Your response to technical issues has been outstanding. You are doing a bang up job. Glad to be a user of this site.