Thanks to the players and coaches...

for an inspired effort last night. It makes me sad that the refs at halftime for some mysterious reason (sarcasm) decided at half that equivalent contact at one end was a foul but play on at the other. You played marvelous defense that was taken away from you by the officials propping up the offense of the home team.

And your bitchy, whiny fan base that is much more vocal on social media that at the home games don’t deserve a winning basketball team. I’m not too surprised that you play better on the road than at home. Keep your chins up.

Appreciate the post man.

Our fan base (at least a very vocal minority is terrible). They were back at it arguing with another former player that called them out today. I honestly don’t see other fan bases arguing with their former players and openly bashing current players as much as our do. We have some fans that just feel like since we won that 1 national championship that we’re a blue blood or something and it gives them the right to say and do whatever they want if we lose a game.

Not just basketball. Let us not forget the airborne banners and full-page ads trying to run off HDN 12 years ago; our fan base isn’t doing much to improve its reputation. And innumerable people hoping current players transfer, some of which I’ve seen this week.

The word that comes to mind is petulant. Spoiled, to be sure, but also whiny when they don’t get what they want when they want it.

Come on man, you are only saying that because you know it is true. (couldn’t decide whether to put a smiley face or a very sad one!)
I remember many years back (probably before many/most posters here even knew what a HOG was) when the attitude was “Win or lose, they are our boys, we know that they are trying hard, and we support them to the end!” (Note that did not mean that we did not wish for better.)

Lots of current team tweeting some cryptic stuff. I honestly believe our fanbase has taken a toll on this team. They came here to put us on the map. We gotta remember, this team is VERY YOUNG and they want to be loved. We have so many disgusting fans on twitter. So easy to hide behind a keyboard. I get what you’re saying