Thanks to Smitty’s Garage

My afternoon off

I don’t have Cox

Thankfully Smitty’s in Rogers does
So I am hanging out with some queso and iced tea watching the game

Don’t eat burgers much now days, but they have one of the better ones.

I’m sorry. :cry:

You got something against cows?

They fart too much and add to global warming.

Yeah, but they taste good when cooked right.

JK of course. I’m trying to eat better.

Eating better is no fun. But, when you get a scare with your heart, it’s time to do something. I do like their shrimp basket. I think it’s a special Friday night. But I generally do a double burger. The fries are good, but I try not to eat but one or two. Good place to watch games. I go to the Smitty’s in Fayetteville about once a month.

I cut the cable cord three years ago so I don’t have cox cable either. However, I am a resourceful old dude. I found on the Charlotte 49ers website an opportunity to watch a live video stream of the game. I paid $6.95 for a 24 hour pass to the streaming service (less than the price of two beers at Buffalo Wild Wings). I have Google Chromecast so I can broadcast the internet service to my TV. I was very surprised to discover that the video was the Cox Sports Net feed from the game. I will see if I can replicate this diddy on future Cox only games.

That’ll just make you live longer…