Thanks to our Seniors

I counted 13 Seniors on this years Roster. These guys chose to be Arkansas Razorbacks and I would like to thank each one of them for choosing us.

I hope this group goes out winning Friday. They deserve it. And I hope there is a nice crowd to see them off.

They are more disappointed in the results of this year than any of us because they sacrificed their bodies to be on the team.

The best to all of our departing Arkansas Razorbacks. May your after football life be filled with happiness and blessings.

You are appreciated. WPS



Well said and ditto to that,

Yes indeed. A big thanks to these guys for the sacrifices they have made to be Razorbacks. There is one senior in particular that I hope gets adequately utilized on Saturday. That is David Williams. He’s been a great one and done for us, and should have had about 5 more carries per game IMHO.

Well said. Go Hogs! Thanks for being Razorbacks.


Excellent post. We need to appreciate them more than we have.