Thanks to All


I was intrigued by the UA-F chatter (I’ll leave that issue to that thread). I sent an email to Kim Christ but never received an answer. My email was articulate, focused, and provided links that exposed the “policy” as a sham.

I never received an answer. Tells me all I need to know - customers matter only as long as we pay the bills.

So, tonight, I reached out to the paper to end my subscription. That means I’ll miss some really articulate, and some really empassioned, (and sometimes both!) posts from fellow hog fans. That means I’ll miss the really quality work being put in by the writers who take time to post on the forums.

A special shoutout to Clay: your writings about trout fishing has really connected, as my father and I enjoyed a couple of those White River trout fishing outings (but likely have enjoyed our last due to his fading health). It hit home. I remember when you were at the Tulsa World. I read it religiously every day.

And, to Dudley, Richard, Matt, Scotty, et al: you do great work. You make our fandom come to life. Thanks for all of that.

Hey, I guess I can lurk until the cancellation kicks in. Or, I have to get my bank involved if I’m charged again for the subscription next month.

Hasta, and Go Hogs!


Sorry to see you go, but totally understand.

Thanks for the kind words.

Here is wishing you all the best.


Wow, sad. OK has been contributing neat stuff for years. Thanks for that. Wish you well, but we are in an era that taking a stand is important.

I’ll add that my diploma only refers to the University of Arkansas and not this UA-F thing.

I never got a reply either. My email listed many of the other schools which should have their references updated. My theory is that the policy should be followed completely.

Sorry to see you go.

To each his own, but I fail to really see the big deal about the UAF thing, or the newspaper’s use of it. It is patently silly, but so what? The Democrat-Gazette has always been a very marginal-to-bad newspaper, and this is yet another sign of it.

I get customer satisfaction all that. But do you really think you’re sending a message? Sometimes we just need to enjoy things for the sake of enjoying them, and not get all wrapped up in politics, technicalities and how businesses react to customers. If you like the message board and enjoy participating, then pay for it and try to enjoy it. It’s not that expensive. Matt, Clay and Dudley, et al. are great. Just enjoy it.

In the big scheme of things you and I will never matter to the corporate ADG monolith in Little Rock. And Matt, Clay and company apparently can’t do a lot about the UAF thing.

In any event, I hope to have you come back and participate. I do understand your feelings and good luck.

I understand the sentiment, but can’t you keep the subscription to this board & still cancel your ADG subscription? I think they’re separate. I know I pay for both.

Hmm, might be possible. I get a gift subscription to HI (snail mail, but that is fine; I am just old enough to prefer holding what I read!) that might allow for that.

I don’t subscribe to the ADG and haven’t for several years.

I havn’t got the ADG in at least 40 yrs.

I pay nothing to ADG, have limited access and happy to keep it that way. WH sports can be had without full ADG subscription. The selective no response is what I would have expected when the policy sham was exposed. Admitting error is just not going to happen…

I sent Kim Christ my opinion and I did receive a reply. She said thanks for your e-mail and I will represent your viewpoint to those who made this decision.

Considering the same.

Will seek to find info from another source.
In today’s tech innovative and entrepreneurial world,
I believe it possible.
STUPID position from stupid and week minded people
can wreck any business.

Either animosity against The University Of Arkansas or a weak ego is behind this.
I don’t need them and if even a few hundred others take a similar trek, someone
will eventually be taken to task to answer for this absurd policy.

I quit the ADG years ago. But I’ll never give up HI. It’s my one stop place for Hog information.

But that does not mean I like the UAF mess.

And I’ve let the lady know my feelings.

Marty really layed it on the line in her email. Caught them in their own misinformation.

I need to provide this update. Kim found my original email and the follow-up. I am providing the bulk of that content here because I think it provides an important update as well as an appropriate response:

[Oklahawg], I found it, and am sorry I missed this on the first go around. Please take my word that there was no ill intent.

You make excellent points here. This will be among the information I bring to the table when those who decide these things have a meeting later this week. I called for the meeting last week. As I have told many who have written about this before you, these notes have made a difference. I will use them to represent fans’ views in that meeting. The wheels are turning. I understand your impatience, but I hope you can muster a little patience to allow this process to play out.

And, again, I’m sorry to have missed your email.


[Oklahawg], I believe this is the first email I have received from you, and I did not see it until just now. As you may know I have answered people, dozens of fans, who have brought up their concerns about how we refer to the University. Please resend your email so that I can see it. I’m happy to have a discussion with you about the policy. In fact, you may be heartened to know that the letters I have received have sparked serious discussion here in the office. The fans are being heard, but sometimes it takes a bit to turn a big ship.

It really is silly, and is often awkward and out of place. Here’s a quote from Richard Davenport’s column in today’s paper.

“He now has 16 scholarship offers from schools such as the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Penn State, South Carolina, Maryland, Louisville, Oklahoma and Nebraska.”

I know this is not Richard’s fault, but that’s just bad writing.

I definitely agree the UAF phrase is annoying and probably someone at the paper is exercising their little slice of power right now. It unnecessarily complicates a sentence and looks out of place when reading. I have almost trained myself to just read Arkansas when I see that phrase.

Maybe something good will come out of the feedback to the ADG and the policy will just be Arkansas again.
With that being said I have to defend the fact that the ADG is a good newspaper, not marginal or bad. We are lucky to have it. I like getting my news, sports, etc. from print and supplementing that with digital content. And no, I am not affiliated with the paper in any way.

Woo Pig

I think most reasonable people would agree the ADG is a very good newspaper in print or online. Just go to other markets the same size or even bigger and you don’t get the content you do in the ADG.

I agree, Richard. Irrespective of the UA-F hullabaloo, I find the DemGaz to be an excellent paper and I thoroughly enjoy my subscription.