Thanks for the Heart Attack, Mr. Boyd

Once I regained consciousness, I opened your article and realized you were writing about Marquesha. :scream:

I hate to see Marquesha go. From what I know about her, she’s a wonderful kid. Super talented. I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

Here is my feature on her last season after the Razorbacks’ home win over Baylor. I thought she was going to burst onto the scene after this game:

Oh, I totally agree. Always loved watching her play. She was deceptively quick, could run and jump like a gazelle, and rebounded quite well.

My point (which I poorly made) was that the women’s team will have an easier time absorbing her loss … than the men’s had it been Devo.

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Oh, totally agree. I got what you meant. Apologies for any chest pain that was caused.

I also went to digging once I saw a snapshot on Google about Davis leaving. :scream::joy::joy:

I am a little shocked. Was it a matter of PT versus some of the younger players? I know Mike is still tinkering with combinations, and I really figured Marquesha’s PT would increase a lot once conference play starts, Maybe also seeing Barnum starting games while she (Marquesha) was not? We may never know the ENTIRE situation, but I hope that she did this based on what Mike discussed with her about playing time versus just what she perceived. Any more insider info on this? Bench is a little thin experience wise now.

As you gain talent there will always be some players that won’t get the playing time they wanted. If leaving and going somewhere else gives her the chance to play I’m fine with it. I hate to see her go but I also support her decision.
By the way you only get the chance to play college ball for a short period of time. She needs to enjoy her time playing and being a kid.

I certainly agree with all of this except maybe the last part! It seems these days that “kids” are prolonging their eligibility indefinitely! Before long we will have college athletes transferring and playing into their 30’s!! I hope she does well wherever she lands and that she doesn’t come back to haunt us!!

With the arrival of kids like Sasha and Samara, Marquesha just dropped down the pecking order. It was obvious to me. As athletic as she is, she didn’t perform as well os some others. She turns the ball over ALOT, and is just inconsistent.

Personally, barring injury, I think this group is a great group…and NEXT year will be a Final Four contender. (Or course Amber will be gone…and we are fortunate to have her this year as kids like Jersey grow up).


That’s a very good top 9. I have been really pleased with Ellis. Hugely so. Langerman has really played well. Does all the little things. Jersey needs to get healthy…and Eaton just needs to keep knocking off rust.

I love this team. Goforth is gonna be an All-American. Soon.

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Imagine adding Dauda to this group…

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