Thanks, everyone

Thanks to everyone that’s reached out this week as we have begun the journey with this new knee. I have been both very positive about it and throughly frustrated. I think that’s kind of the deal.


Two steps forward, one back. The key is the net gain! You are tougher than most I know. You will win.

As Clay said it is net progress. And good to see you back posting and tweeting. You have not lost your touch.

Aloha DD,

Your mental toughness is quite exemplary. You’re a better man than I. I can’t comprehend the countless obstacles you have some how managed to successfully hurdle. Simply amazing.


Keep on, Dudley. You are an inspiration to all of us.
GRIT. You have it in spades.

Keep pushing Dudley. You are one tough dude. You’re an overcomer!

Keep the faith Dudley! It is daily mental battle as much as anything. Trust in your rehab and keep that positive attitude!

Ouch! That may take about a week or so for a guy like you! You will do fine! Prayers up man! Go hard!

Damn that looks sore! No doubt you will be better than ever - I’m 3 months post-op recovering from complete shoulder tear repair with 7 screws - you will be done before me!

I love the “yes” written on your thigh. For those who don’t know, that’s something they do before surgery to make sure they operate on the correct knee (believe me, some docs have replaced the wrong knee or done something else on the wrong side).

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