Thanks DVH & team, now on to Sam & his guys ----------------

--------------- so last year did not end with a CWS Trophy but it was still a great ending to a good year for Hog Athletics. Now on to getting the football program up a notch or two.

There is a very reassuring sense that the Hog program is settling in and taking steps to becoming a solid program. Our starting QB played well last year at Mizzou and he is much better fitted to this offense than Franks was. So, I am feeling no loss in quality at QB with Jefferson’s inexperience being offset by greater running skills, with a better running game overall, and an improved offensive line. Woods left for OU, but Crawford, the OU transfer, can now play so I consider that a wash and the receivers, overall, could be better than last year. Henry appears ready to become a force at tight end. The kicking game should be better with better recruits and intense coaching due to bear fruit.

The transfer portal and continued player development may address the problems in the defensive line replacing Marshall. There is potential on the inside and outside for better line play this year which is sorely needed. Meanwhile, at linebacker and secondary everyone is back, the backups are playing well, and Odom could have a much improved defense. The greatest improvement for the defense could come from an improved Hog running game on offense. You combine that with improving depth and this defense could avoid being worn out and stop losing the fourth quarter battles.

So, I am cautiously optimistic that we will win six this year and go to a good bowl. We will still be a year or two away from winning a majority of our SECWest games but I predict we will not be a push over in any of them. Go Hogs.


QB and DL play will make or break us IMO.
If KJ can’t keep the chains moving and DL cant stop the run, going to be tough to win a whole lot but I do have hope in both areas so we will see.

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Youdaman knows the game and his opinion is pretty danged accurate much of the time when it comes to football. Just because I agree with his assessment, doesn’t make him right, but I do concur. Quarterback play and that defensive line are huge question marks. I do think the quarterback position is less of an issue than the defensive line, but both areas are a concern.

Special teams were about as bad as they have ever been, so that must be cleaned up as well.

I still haven’t gotten over baseball. Doubt I will until August–and then it will just be that the acute pain is gone–but by then I hope to get emotionally ready for football. Would like 6 wins & to win a bowl game. Anything more than that is gravy. However, less than that will be a disappointment.

CBP said it was all about hitting the other team’s qb and keeping yours clean. That pretty much summarizes what you and Billy said.

We started out the year with an unsettled starting pitching staff and the potential for a good bullpen. Kopps reached heights of excellence way higher than anticipated but the rest of the bullpen was boom or bust most of the season. Noland, Pallette, Vermillion, etc. all got injured. We got Wicklander to develop into a Friday starter close in quality to the top of the SEC. The Saturday starter was inconsistent and it took a senior grad transfer to achieve that. The young talent in our pitching staff just did not rise up to any consistency. Then we lose two of our best hitters to injury at a really bad time and they struggled when they got back in the lineup. It was just a perfect storm after going undefeated in every series and winning it all in the SEC. So, we end up SEC champs, regular season and tourney, and probably top five in the country. Not too shabby and we should clean up in the portal on transfers and on young pitcher recruits who will see a wide open opportunity to come in and get playing time immediately. Then if some of our returning talent pulls a Kopps in the off-season, boom, we are back in Omaha---------------again. Go Hogs.

Sounds like you expect 6 wins

Plus a bowl game.

The sting from baseball will loom a bit. No need to address what happened and how. It’s been covered above. Next year should be just as good or better.
On to football, well that’s pretty much been covered above as well.
Woo Pigs - 6 wins & a bowl win.

I suppose I expect 6. Would like to win the bowl. Hard to know whether to expect it without knowing the opponent. Hard enough to expect 6 knowing the opponents.

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