Thanks Dudley and Richard...

for your work on this year’s recruiting. We do appreciate it, but I haven’t seen a thread on this, so I wanted to make sure you guys knew we all did appreciate your work. I would bet you guys spent countless hours calling, following up on rumors, and no telling what all to get the job done.

Here’s to a job well done.

Totally agree. Ditto the previous message.

You guys always do a great job reporting. Thanks for the long hours, travel and hard work. Ya’ll are appreciated.

totally Agree.thank you guys…really appreciate it.

Here here!!! Thank you so very much Dudley and RD for your great work and incredible patience with each of us as we constantly bombarded you with questions (many repeated) about players, recruiting etc. You all are amazing!




ditto. top notch reporting

Absolutely agree

Yes, your efforts are appreciated!

Go Hogs!

It’s a tough job at which you guys excel. Many thanks!

Yep…don’t ever think your work isn’t greatly appreciated!

You both are fantastic and I appreciate all the articles and especially your insights and thoughts on the recruiting situations. Thanks so much!!

Agree. Well done. Can’t imagine trying to figure what an 18 yr. old male is going to do.

It (the whole recruiting thing) is hard on us fans - you guys try to make sense of something that is nonsensical and pass along to highly-charged adults with above average intelligence (for the most part…) that want to dissect and analyze every word you put out there. Wow - that is tough! And keeping your cool while doing it! Thanks for all you do -

Kudos! It is appreciated!