Thanks Coach B

Good luck!

Wishing Bret all the success on his next job!

Coach cared for his kids. Made them do right. Every time a player was hurt he went on the field to see about them. He represented our state well. Best of luck in his future endeavors. Take some time to enjoy the wife and baby.

Thanks Coach.

Classless way to end it. He deserved better.

They wanted him to be able to say goodbye to the team before they left for the holidays

I agree, and if you can not man up and say thanks’ CBB then you certainly don’t have a heart. After his last Pre-game interview with Chuck he said WOO Pig’

$4M a year is a lot of money I just hate the HATE that has been spewed at him IMO is gutless. NO Class. Sure I wanted him gone but do it with class. It too 7 minutes or so to get him the work.

Now the team is set up with 80-85% of our offense yardage, and scoring…

Thanks’ CBB and good luck.

I agree with this 100%.

IT SEEMS to me the U of A can’t do anything RIGHT…

A good man in a difficult situation.
I wish him only the best.

Respect Coach B and thankful for his hard work and dedication.

He is a good coach and even better man, I am a fan.

He came to Arkansas with all the right intentions and did everything the right way. I will pull for him wherever he lands.

Hate that it didn’t work out for him here. Clear that his players love him, and he loves his players. Obvious that a change was necessary, and I wish him success at his next position. His handling of this with pure class is evidence of the kind of man he is. Great man.

Wish it had worked out. Wish we would have retained him, but this might end up being the best thing for Bielema. He’ll likely end up at a school that’s a better fit for his system. Maybe we’ll face him in the playoffs someday. I’m confident he’ll end up being a championship level coach again; hopefully, we’ll find a coach that will get us there, too.

He’s a good man, very sorry that it didn’t work out…

Thanks Coach Bielema!! Wish you the best!!

I have been a huge Bielema fan and will continue to be. Wherever he goes will become my second favorite team. Classy guy. HUGE heart. His little girl is one lucky kid. What a dad he’s gonna be as the year’s roll by.

The thing I enjoyed about Coach was how he embraced the state and the school. Good man. I always liked the ‘Woo Pig’ he would end with. I was for his termination, but I wished he had done well. One can’t help but feel sorry for him at this time. I wish the best for him.

He left it better than he found it…I wish him only the best and believe whoever get this job has a lot to thank him for as well.

Same here. Agreed!

Class coach & man. Thanks for veering the program in the right direction despite the W’s.
Best of luck Coach.

I agree with your thoughts. I just wish I felt better about this whole series of moves.
I think we had a good AD. Perhaps a great one looking at the facilities and the fact that most of the programs are doing well.
I would feel better if he were leading the search for a new coach. I think Coach B was a good hire who was done in by an inability to build a secondary that to his very last game let him down. Sure he is from the North, but Southerners are not as complex as they like to believe. It is archaic thinking at its finest.
I have no reason to believe Ms. Peoples can’t find a good head coach, but there is also not a single reason to believe she can. I appreciate those of you who are expressing certainty that the next hire will be a success. I am just not feeling it right now.
This vocal minority that has been beating this board up with anti CBB, fire CBB ranting has gotten its way and I have zero faith in their knowledge or insight. If I should I have nothing to base it on either.
As for the players, I can’t get past the idea that they had as big a hand in the last 14 game debacle as the coaches. While it is a chicken or the egg situation I can’t help but think back to Martrell Spaight and his relentless studying of film that made him a self-made star. It was the strength of his will that made him and everyone around him successful. He rarely made mistakes and always seemed to be in the right place at the right time and MADE THE TACKLE.
Perhaps if a few of this group of players had that in them in the highly visible way that Spaight did this might have worked out better. Instead they seemed weak, leaderless, hard to teach and all of that got blamed on recruiting errors or Robb Smith. Well it was no better under Coach Rhoads who I like very much. Even with the coach that they love on the brink of firing they could not stop making the same mistakes that led to loss after loss.
I guess I just can’t wrap my head around this and can find nothing in which to base faith or confidence. I don’t totally understand how CBB failed so it is hard to decide who would be able to do better, particularly with the same schedule that CBB had during his five seasons.
But hey, at least we got rid of two Yankees and can now sleep better.

Yep…let’s blame the players for being weak, etc. God that’s sad to blame the kids and not the multi millionaire that’s paid handsomely to lead them. But, for arguments sake let’s assume you are correct and the players were weak, leaderless, and hard to teach. Well, that too would be an indictment of CBB as it would clearly demonstrate his vow to only recruit “uncommon” men had gone unfulfilled and instead he had identified and targeted a bunch of losers which I do not believe was the case.

You are right about one thing - their performance was a reflection of the coaching they received. As for a “vocal minority” getting its way, we’ll, I’m sorry to tell you but folks supporting CBB remaining as HC were the minority around these parts.

Onward and upward!