Thanks Clay or whomever

for getting thumbnails of the threads turned on when you hover the mouse over the title, Great improvement. WPS

It was not me. Matt and Marty have been working tirelessly on this sort of thing.

It wasn’t me. I just keep editing and re-editing the FAQ thread as things change. :sunglasses:

Thanks from me also. Would now enjoy seeing once again the moniker of the originator of a post, plus maybe the moniker of the last person to reply to a post–rather than a letter with a colored circle around it.

The only way to change the letters in a circle to something else is if each individual goes into their account and creates an avatar as their profile picture. I don’t think there is anyway to put your name in place of the picture, however, if you hover the mouse over the pic you will get a popup of the name. Also, in the string of avatars to the right of the thread title, the first one is the OP, and the last one is the last poster. At least that’s how I understand it.:sunglasses:

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