Thanks Alabama for saving our Gator Bowl trip

Had Auburn pulled off that upset, I feel sure the Gator Bowl would have taken a 7-5 Auburn over an 8-4 Arkansas. No, not fair, but they would have justified it by saying Auburn beat Arkansas, how hot Auburn was by virtue of their win over Alabama, etc. Auburn would send 100s of thousands of fans versus maybe 10k Arkansas fans, etc.

It’s not often I root for Alabama, but I was just now — thanks Bama for keeping the Hogs Florida-bound!


Agree 100%. I’m dealing with family and friends, all Hog fans, who were all pulling for Bama and Saban to finally go down. I was trying to explain an Auburn win probably hurts the Hogs bowl prospects. Just held my nose and rooted for Bama to pull it out, and they did.


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