Thankful for a new job opportunity

Probably healthy in many ways. Stay safe and well. You are a special presence on this board for many of us that don’t have the knowledge and insights you bring.
We appreciate it.


Thank u so much for the kind words…we are all one big family and I am very glad we have a place to share our opinions.

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Good news, Billy.

I have a new opportunity as well. I had a temporary job in Wilmington NC this summer which ended Thursday. Today I was offered another temporary job, also here in Wilmington, which will last for six months. Just have to jump through some procedural hoops and might be able to start next week,


Awesome… Congratulations. Yes as we get older, we are very thankful for opportunities to work and be productive.

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Yesterday another job offer came through, for 50% more pay than the other job. It is a clinical trial of antibodies to prevent COVID-19 infections; not a vaccine but a similar effect, if it works. I had clinical research experience from my first medical job in Galveston so that made me a perfect candidate for this job and they’re paying accordingly. Starting immediately.


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face: big stress relief I’m sure! Good luck with it…

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Go for it Swine! All the best to you…

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Congratulations, Jeff.

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That is a win-win! new job for better money, but it’s also nice to really enjoy what you do. Helping to treat a pandemic should be extremely rewarding. Good luck!


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Agreed. They had me sign a bunch of confidentiality stuff, but I found this press release and my boss has confirmed this is the study I’m working on, so I think I’m okay posting it here.

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Congratulations Jeff!

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Happy for you, Jeff.

Great news. You seem to be in your element. That would be huge even without the
added bonus of more money.

I loved doing research; it reminded me of being on the stat crew when I was at UA. If the Texas Legislature hadn’t started monkeying with appropriations to my school I might still be there – even though I hated living in Texas.

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