Thankful DD, RD, Clay and Matt don't just report

without hard facts 1st. Appears SI and ESPN ran before facts and truth on the AZ and Miller deal. That’s the problem when you report leaked info

Then the question is why did it take 5 days for Sean Miller to deny it? I don’t think it is the end of that story. It does not smell right to me.

Agreed. There’s definitely more to the story.

ESPN has not backed down one inch from their reporting. Saying there is hard evidence of a wire tapped conversation seems to be either something you actually have or don’t. News organizations retract false reporting all the time. No reason ESPN couldn’t if they were wrong.

Contrary to what you hear from certain people, major networks and news organizations double and triple check their sources and reporters have to get approvals from their management before it is published. Until ESPN says they were wrong, story is not over.

PJ that’s the way I see it too! Arizona is risking thier reputation as an administration by backing Miller! It may bite them.
The NCAA showed just how incompetent they are by granting the appeal for Trier to play! The failed drug test is a fact! You either have a drug testing program or you don’t. The drug is in the young man’s system and it’s his second failed test he should not be allowed to play period! By granting his appeal they have compromised their authority for the sake of a cheater! Gutless leadership!

The Arizona Board probably did not feel confident in firing him for cause based on what they know now, especially when he is denying the whole thing, as (of course) is the lawyer for the player’s family.

So they are fully behind him until circumstances change. In which case they will kick him to the curb.

Or maybe they think the growing drumbeat by the power structure of college basketball (by which I mean the media types that would suffer if college basketball suffers and the traditional powerhouse schools who might also suffer) for some type of change/general amnesty will save Arizona. I think Andy Staples with Sports Illustrated hinted at that in a column the other day in which he actually used the phrase “Too Big to Fail”.

You mean to tell me everything isn’t fake news?

Yea, I must admit my hope that NCAA will do anything to blue bloods is gone. The FBI is telling them these guys are crooked and they still don’t care. Alonzo Trier getting a 2 game suspension for a failed drug test is a joke. They don’t mind taking down schools like SMU and Louisville. They’ll take down schools like that to say “look we did something.” But, their blue bloods are their money makers and they’ve known about corruption for years and done nothing. Sean Miller knows Arizona and the NCAA will do all they can to protect him and make this go away, so he’s going to ride this out for better or worse. My guess is they’ll work a deal behind the scenes and we won’t hear too much else about this.

Mainstream media is probably mostly accurate, regarding sports, weather to the best of their ability, society, and obituaries. However, national news stories are mostly propaganda, outright lies, and omissions. They have an agenda and their agenda is not the truth.

Yes, they have made some mistakes, but when they find out a mistake is made, they come right back and correct it. Propaganda is when you don’t admit to your mistakes and keep saying the wrong thing. You need to give some examples to support your argument.

I was just making a joke man. This is a sports forum, I honestly don’t care about your conspiracy theories about the news. I know that sounds mean, but I don’t think anybody is trying to get into all that. There’s plenty of places all across the internet for those type of discussions.

I’ve seen this before, this isn’t going to go well… GL though man.

Yes, for a minute I forgot this is a sports forum. I regret posting what I did,

Not even close, but there are a lot of people who want you to think that so they can pretty much get away with whatever they want. If you can’t figure out who I’m talking about, it’s already too late for you.

As far as being trusted, it’s too late for the media. Biased, lazy, unethical and agenda driven,this probably applies to most.
There are exceptions, they are in the minority.

We used to expect the media-big media- to be honest and
mostly unbiased as they reported the news. Now we figure
we are hearing their view of what we should be paying attention
to and believing. News reporters are ancient history. Now they
are analysts and are filtering what we see and hear.

I trust the Russkies to do what they think is in their national
interest. I trust the modern media to line their pockets one
way or another.

My hope is that our Razorback program is doing its best to
play and win in an ethical manner.

This may take years to sort out. In the meantime, Miller is going to keep coaching. He is lawyered up. I am guessing Arizona is scared of letting him coach, scared of not letting him coach.

There are no issues at Arkansas. None. I’ve checked in more than once in the last six months to make sure and there are no questions at all. It has to do with who you recruit. You know with who you are going after and what is their core values whether or not you have anything to worry about. Arkansas does not.