Thank you to Matt . . .

. . . or whoever is responsible.

2 or 3 months ago, I asked why it was that they “suggested stories” links at the bottom of the stories posted on this site were random older stories (several months to a year or more) rather than current - let alone relevant to the story just read. Matt answered and said he didn’t know but would look into it.

Well, I noticed the other day that this seems to have changed. The stories linked at the bottom are now current stories. A small thing, I’ll admit. Just wanted to let you know that it was noticed and appreciated.

You must have just got lucky. The last story I read on coach Morris had “TT next up for Hogs in Omaha” and “Hogs move on from Malzahn” as two of the links. The third was at least a football story, but was from March.


Just now, after reading your post, opened a story from the “current” list, scrolled down to the bottom, and saw links to 3 current (or very recent) stories all. Not sure what I’m doing “right” and you’re doing “wrong” . . .

Dunno. Just opened the newest recruiting story and got a baseball story from the Super-regionals, baseball advances to CWS final, and SI Sidney cover story from Feb. Maybe it’s because I always stay logged in. Maybe if I log out it will update or something. Not that big a deal, always good for a laugh.

All of mine are current

I’ve wondered about this as well. Just finished a story and the three “related stories” shown had literally nothing to do with the one I read…

This may - or may not - be a factor; I was commenting on the “standard” site, using a desktop computer to access the site.

This afternoon, knowing all the recruiting activity, I did jump on for a few minutes on my phone. In that instance, I noticed that they “suggested stories” were older. However, I’m back on the desk-top now and all the stories are current/recent.

So, it may have to do with how you’re accessing the site. And that may be a “clue” for the techs to fix it both places.

Which leads me to wonder about clearing your cache. I know that I have my laptop browser set to clear the cache when it is closed. I also run a cleanup program at least once a week. It clears both cache and selected (actually everything except the selected) cookies. I almost never clear the cache/cookies on my iPad or iPhone, since it is delete all or nothing option.

I just read the WHS story on Vandy’s Derek Mason from SEC media week on my desktop. The “related stories” linked below it were the BOT meeting which resulted in Jeff Long’s firing, _ally’s column after the Mississippi State football game, and questions about Bielema’s status following that BOT meeting. Yep, the very latest stuff from mid-November.

It’s on the list of things to be addressed.

This should be corrected for everyone now.