Thank you Tate and Smith

For coming here to play this year. You guys are awesome and I hope you consider this your college team in the future and you come back as an alumn. We need guys like you for the future of our program.


Played way better than I expected.

Somebody did some amazing looking ahead to get JS to grad in 3 yeears and move on. I don’t know the full story if Muss was picked out ahead of time or what. That move made Justin some money.

but a big thanks to both of you guys and the and coaches.

Those are 2 Hogs forever. Thanks Justin & Jalen.
I’m fully convinced now Muss knows how to pick his players from the portal.

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Yes, they were wonderful additions to our team. They both had a strong desire to win. Kudos for great seasons.

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Both J’s were fantastic additions to this team. Best of luck and thanks for becoming Razorbacks.

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They were awesome

Amen, brother…

Absolutely Hogs for life. Thanks guys!

Not so sure that Jalen was not the most consistent player for the entire season, especially when you consider the defensive and leadership contributions to the team, This truly was a team effort, because even though I am touting Jalen, there are numerous others who a great case could be made that they were the MVP. Jalen gave me a lesson in humility, as I raised concern about his shot selection early in the season. He certainly proved me wrong in that area and was darn good in many other areas.

Keith you are so right on. A lot of things were questioned about Tate early on. His lack of physicality, didn’t like contact, shot selection and ball handling.
But we all know now why Muss wanted him.
The pandemic altered the normal process of meshing in with new team mates also.

Jackson is the question mark.

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