Thank You SEC For Recognizing Little

I have been surprised at how little attention the media has given Cam Little concerning his contributions to this victory. I know there has been a smidge, but not nearly enough.
Tom just had an entire article on this accomplishment and that accomplishment and not a word about Little who was outstanding.
We have talked for years about needing a reliable kicker and yet a freshman, who accounted for I think 16 of those points against Texas, comes along and the local media understates it.
Thankfully the league honored him and Scottie reported it. So shout outs to Little, Bauer, Silver and then rest of the kicking team for adding points at the time when the offensive was having trouble finding the end zone.


You left out an important kicker.

It’s important for Vito Calvaruso to continue to put kickoffs deep in the end zone. His hang time was incredible, too.


Yes. How long has it been that we’ve had a kicker who made it so hard for the opposing team to get a good return against us. The couple TX tried to return cost them yardage. Their best start following a KO all night was the 25. Seems like for a while we almost always spotted the opposing team the 35 yard line or worse.

Very true and it is exciting to see Special Teams starting to settle down. Confidence will help that entire group. We might actually get away from having a punt catcher and have a punter returner.

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I’m so excited to again see kickoffs routinely in the back of the end zone (or even deeper). How many times in recent years have we been burned by the other team’s return game?

I hope I never see another sky kick that drops at the 20 yard line on a kickoff (with no coverage nearby).


In the last 10 years of watching HS football - Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and a few other states - nobody compares to Calvaruso’s depth on kickoffs. His kickoffs were always toward back of the end zone and several landed 5+ yards beyond the end zone.

It wasn’t just length of kick. They were towering.


Anyone else noticing how much nicer the atmosphere is on the board since the team has greatly improved? We’ll certainly lose some games but the atmosphere here seems so much lighter since we’re at least competitive…


Interesting observation. It seems we are less grumpy and more civil when the Hogs win. We are doing our level best in pursuit of world peace.


It was so refreshing to see all those touchbacks. It’s a major weapon. We have the makings of a very good defense and if teams have to drive the field, consistently, I like our chances.

You are right that little deserves a LOT of credit. His last name is Little, for goodness sake!

But why take a shot at Tom? Tom writes great stuff, he’s great on the morning rush, great on the podcast. A local rock star, I’m sooo glad we have his talents covering our team.

That game was such a complete team victory that it’d be really hard to include every aspect in one article.


It is truly a shame that Calvaruso is not on scholarship. He has proved himself. Every time this young man kicks a big, professional kickoff past the goal line we get another touchback. It is not only keeping the other team at their 25 to start, it also demoralizes them. It has a big psychological impact and Calvaruso is now a big weapon. Someone should give him a sweet commercial deal. Give the boy a scholarship. I can name lots of scholarship players who have contributed little. This kid is worthy!


Maybe a dispensary can sponsor high. My kicks are high all the time, but you can be there, too.


I have commented on the kickoffs being in the end zone, that is huge!I also commented on how will I loved how straight little kicks the ball, every extra point basically is right down the middle which means he is striking the ball incredibly solid and pure. I can see him hitting one from 60 this year possibly.

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