Thank you Scottie!

I have been noticing the connection between Jalen Harris being a point guard and Jalen Harris trying to be a two guard.
16 shots and only 2 assists is not what should be accepted from him. I would think CMA would be forcing this to take place. You are the point guard. Pass the ball, shoot only when needed.
Not only does his play affect the outcome of the game, but he takes Gafford right out of it too.
We saw all the losing tendencies this team has, Harris not playing his role, Gafford getting in early foul trouble and Isiah Joe shooting 4-11 from the field. It is actually amazing that they had the lead in the first place.
I think Harris has to play his role or there is no purpose for him being out there turning the ball over five times. I know that is harsh, but if he wants to have even the slightest hope of playing in the NBA it is going to be as a point guard. He needs to have that light shown to him I think.

Harris has 129 assists to 40 turnovers.

He had a bad game yesterday. He has played well in most.

Doesn’t work that way… it’s all his fault, he’s never allowed a bad game, no credit for his good games ( which there have been numerous) but total blame when he doesn’t fire on every cylinder… the scientific term is fanlunacy, in layman’s terms it’s called dumassess…

Saltu numbers for sure, however…

In ten conference games he’s at 47 assists and 24 turnovers. That’s quite a drop in assist to turnover ratio … is-13.html

Leave Jalen Harris alone, think where we might be this year without him on the court.

I am sure that others have noticed, but it seems to me, even though others have drawn more charges than Jalen that he is really good playing defense with his feet. Obviously, most remember the charge he drew at the end of the Vanderbilt game, but I often see where his quickness and good fundamentals have him in very good defensive position, cutting off drives. Defense is pretty challenging thirty feet from the basket and when he is dialed in, he seems very effective. I think he has tried to expand his game and role and while some of it has not generated the result that he intended, I still like his aggressive approach. I believe his shot will get better over time, so I cannot fault him too harshly for keeping the defense honer