Thank you Sam Pittman & Sonic

Coach Sam Pittman has delivered another winning season and a great bowl game win. I love the trajectory of this team under his helm. My first Hog game was VS Texas in LR in 1991; my first game in Fayetteville was Hogs VS The Citadel in 1992. I’ve personally experienced the ups and downs over the years with this football program! I turn 43 in a few days, but yesterday’s game took me back to my childhood joy of rooting for this program. Thank you again CSP and if i can buy you a beer at Oaklawn this season, i would be completely honored! WPS!!!

I forgot to mention Sonic! God.bless their chili cheese tator tots. Living in Indiana and Ohio for.8+ years, i did not.have access to Sonic. Im glad to be back in Arkansas!


I don’t go to Sonic since they fired my 2 buddies who used to advertise for them. They were funny… Their new ads are awful.


1 of my close friends used to do adds on TV for Wendy’s. You can get over your buddies in a Sonic commercial and go and grab a large chili cheese tator tots. If you have balz, add bacon, jalapeños, & onions!

Those two guys needed to go. LOL.

Never understood why they kept those two guys for that long.


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