Thank you Razorback players!

Thank you for the hard work and sacrificies you have made since coming back to campus in early June. You gave us a season when most everyone didn’t think it was possible and played hard week in and week out. I know you must be disappointed with the cancelation of the bowl game, but I hope you reflect back on this year with a lot of pride - you made several big steps forward this year and this fan cannot wait to see you on the field in 2021!

To those who have played their last game as a Razorback, thank you for your hard work whether here for one year or for four. May your future be bright as you move forward!

Jeff H.


I agree and may I add, Thank you to those who have decided to return for unfinished business.


This team has put the fight back in Fighting Razorbacks! Kudo’s to them and the coaching staff with a special thank you to Coach Pittman.
And a shout out to Feleipe Franks for choosing to play for the Hogs. His leadership was key to our improved play.

I’m ready for next year to hear Sam say “turn that damn jukebox on” many times.


TYSM for being Fighting Razorbacks again

I had all but given up on the program

Now I have some hope you really represent the state and people of Arkansas again

Your play exposed the bias of the SEC officials

You are winners and everyone knows it

I’m Proud you wear the name of the State of Arkansas again


I have never been so proud of a Razorback team, coaches and support staff as this 2020 football team. Played their hearts out and left it on the field. It took an unbelievable amount of fortitude to do what they did under such horrible circumstances. Thank you coach Pitman for putting this together…We Have Pride Again.


What they all said!


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