Thank You One and All

The nature of this board has changed since the switch thank goodness. The maturity of posters is amazing. A few still feel like this is the place to over state their negative beliefs. You can implode a big building in a matter of seconds. It takes years to build one. Enough of me.

Thank you one and all. We all knew this day was coming. Bret Bielema is a class act. This was handled with the class and dignity that I believe we as Razorbacks should always be.

Uh you’re very welcome, but
Just wondering have you been reading everything over here lately?
Which part was handled with class other than CBB is a class act?

I agree with the way it was handled - it gave him a chance to tell his team personally before they scattered and is better than them receiving a group text . Even Bielema said he’s glad they got it over with.

Arkansas football is a big business and there is business to conduct. Perhaps as soon as tonight or tomorrow depending on how things go down on the plains this afternoon. Plus Bielema, if he wants to coach, will want to be free to begin discussions with other schools.

I read most of the posts and have been saying this for some time.

I’ve not read anything that was nasty or hateful or venomous.

I’ve read some opinions expressed strongly – some emotional, and yesterday was an emotional day, so expected.

But nothing I read was out of bounds.

The level of discourse is what one would expect from people who pay for a premium board. And I have enjoyed the information and sharing of opinions, ideas and information.

I don’t always agree with everyone or everything posted, but we all disagree in a civil manner.

The common bond that united us all was that not a one of us enjoyed this football season.

I think the overwhelming number of posts have been very reasonable. Even most of those who’ve been calling for his dismissal in terms I think were over the top have been gracious about his firing. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a couple who haven’t been very classy. One particular one initiated a thread that apparently got deleted. I’ve seen one or two others.

Regardless, it’s been an emotional few weeks that ended in a very emotional day. I nearly lost it when CBB nearly broke down when he said his daughter will “forever be born in Fayetteville.” I’ve said before that I like Bielema better than any coach we’ve had since Hatfield. I still feel that way even though I understand why he had to be fired.