Thank you Moo U


Nice job, War Chickens. Blow it in the bottom of the ninth with four runs, two of them unearned.

I will be dealing with an unhappy Auburn fan in the morning when she comes to relieve me at 6 a.m. Unless she doesn’t check for the gory details when she gets here; she was in bed long before that game ended.

Couldn’t happen to a better team. Can’t stand Auburn! They are all bunch of cheaters can’t believe they didn’t change pitchers in 9th. Stupid coaching!

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team! I guess Bruce Pearl brought the possum!
They did change pitchers! Errors! They gave Moo U 5 outs!

Miss St is lucky just plain and simple!all the third baseman had to do was make a normal throw and a games over typical how Mississippi State wins games.

All the had to do was reach out and tag the State runner. He was literally next to him.

Malzonie and Pearlie cue were in the stands with their respective bag men… bad trash karma was thrown down on the field.

[color=#FF0000][size=200]C H O K E[/size][/color]


I disagree on this one…was actually pulling for Auburn on this one. Moo U thinks they are God’s gift to baseball and I am so sick of it!

What a horrible game by Auburn!

Oh ok I just saw the replay it didn’t look that close at makes it even worse pure luck for Mississippi State to win that game.

I’m a Vandy fan now…

Me too

I’d actually like to see Fl State win it now. Would make a pretty cool story

Michigan is going to be hard to beat. Their pitching has been outstanding.

FSU is hitting worse than we are, they just scratched out an unearned run to beat us without getting a hit. I think TT finishes them off Wednesday.

After the way that Auburn acted when we played them in the regular series, I put them right up there with Ole Miss as a team that I love to hate. They were so very obnoxious that even Phil made numerous comments on their behavior.

Down by three runs today in the CWS, Auburn players could be seen dancing and acting downright silly in the dugout. IMO, not a classy way to act.

These antics, along with Gus and Bruce Pearl, make it hard to pull for Auburn against ANYBODY in any sport.