Thank you Hogs!

What a great ride it has been this year. To the young men moving on you will always be remembered as Hogs wherever you go. To the young ones coming back we look forward to watching you and your new teammates next year!

Jeff H.


Exaclty, I hope the fans show how much we appreciate them when they come back home!


Totally agree. This team TOTALLY exceeded expectations. The future with Muss looks super bright.


I had fun this season. Holding my head high. Gonna wear my hog hat to work tomorrow. Elite 8!


It was a fun season. We did much better than expected. Always sad to see it end.

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Great season that exceeded all expectations. Back in the day 25 years ago, I didn’t like it when folks said we were a basketball school like Kentucky. I was still obsessed with football.

I’ll gladly re-take that title. I missed it. Our fans should not take it for granted and remember how fleeting winning can be.


I am proud to be a Razorback tonight. Despite having a horrible start, we played hard the whole game. Some players did not have a good game, but they just hustled and refused to quit.

Baylor is a very good basketball team. We had several calls that hurt us, but we were simply beaten by a better team. To win, we needed Moody to shoot better, Notae needed to avoid foul trouble, and we got 18 points behind half way through the first half. All of that was just too much for our Hogs to overcome.

We had a great year. We improved dramatically this year and it took an extremely good team to beat us. We should have a very good team next year. Devo will be a star next year. Notae will be an explosive scorer. J Will will be a very solid big man and will continue to improve. I think that Desi will be better. I still think his shoulder is not healed. KK’s foot should be completely healed. We will need at least 2 more bigs. Muss should have a better recruiting story for recruits in high school and players in the transfer portal. I think that we are back and we should have a Sweet Sixteen team again next year.

And a great big thanks to Tate, Smith and Moody. I hope that they all have long and lucrative careers. They all had great seasons.

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Great to see passionate gritty never yield basketball again. Every single player running his guts out, diving on the floor, move past a mistake and do something better, some good trash talking when needed, but never disrespectful or too arrogant or belligerent.
TEAM is the word. Oh what a TEAM!!!

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