Thank you Hogs

You came in to the season with high expectations put on you by yourselves, the coaches, the media, experts and, most of all, by the fans. You gave us a great ride from start to finish…I hurt for you now because of how very close you came to being the champions. You will always be treasured as one of the great Hog teams of all time.

Thank you for such an enjoyable season to follow! Good luck to those moving on and to those returning, I can not wait to see your growth from this year to next.

Proud to be a Hog fan for over 55 years, thru the ups and downs,

Jeff Hansen

Well said.

Hopefully your remarks will be much more representative of Razorback nation than the negative alternative. I’m assuming if we had won it all, there might be some sort of welcoming celebration for the teams arrival back in Fayetteville. Wonder if something like that will happen anyway.

We had a great season. This was a really outstanding team. We should have won the College World Series. We didn’t. I feel bad for those kids to have their season end like this. They know they should have won this tournament. They are probably just sick and with good reason. We fans are just disappointed. How would you feel if you were on this team or a coach on this team? Man, it will take a while to recover.

We are proud of this team. They took us on a great ride this spring and summer. The bats went cold the past few days and that was the difference. It wasn’t the missed foul ball that beat us. We had lots of chances to win…we just didn’t hit the baseball. We lost to a better team.