Thank you for a great season Guys!

I have to honest I jad 0 expectations for this team losing as much as we did…They played their tail and we got contributions from many newcomers and great improvement from returning players…I didn’t tnink we had the starting pitching to win big in Omaha this yr but the Fla st game killed us…no way in !@!@ they are better than us and shut us out! and today against TT they are a great hitting team and you leave pitching up where they can hit it they are going to crush it! and we didn’t make the plays and gave them xtra outs and that will get you beat especially when w weren’t hitting very well anyway…

I really enjoyed watching them though and many great victories over some great teams…I don’t know what to expect next yr now since we lose so many of our relief pitchers,We will have to have some FR really come in or some reutrning Fr like Trest,Burton Monke have the light bulb come on and pitch much much better than they have or we are going to be in big trouble.I think we will have a hard time replacing Ezell b/c he was the spark plug and we have nobody else can hit leadoff will miss Flethcer and Kenley for sure…just a lot to replace like last yr but with a whole lot more pitching holes to fill I can see us taking a step back but you never know…will be fun to see how players progress…Great yr this yr though…really enjoyed it b/c it was so unexpected!

I completely agree! Ive been fortunate enough to grow up watching Razorback teams with DVH as the coach. There’s no better time of the year than spring baseball. Can’t wait for next year’s team! Woo Pig!

I thank the players and coaches for a great year. In my opinion we far exceeded all expectations considering what we lost from the 2018 team. Wishing those leaving much success and those returning good health and continued happiness being a Razorback. In closing, I hope we can get a pitcher like the big freshman dude from Vanderbilt.

We have a great program. As long as Dave Van Horn is coach, we will continue to be a top 5-10 program. That usually means consistently attracting top talent, consistently being a top tier SEC team, and consistently playing into June.

Although we went 0-2 in Omaha, I feel we took a step forward as a program this season. I understand all the rhetoric about “exceeding expectations” this year, but the fact is, we were one of the favorites to win it all before we even won the Super Regional. I believe Vegas had our odds to win it at 6-1 before the SR. Odds improved to 3-1 a week ago. Preseason prognostications aside, we were supposed to win in Omaha this year. We all expected to win in Omaha this year. Very few previous years have we gone to Omaha and expected to win it all. At best we HOPED we would win. Most years we are just content to be there.

We may be going home, but I have no doubt we have a better team than anyone in our Omaha bracket. I don’t believe the best team won Saturday or today. I woke up today fully expecting that we would be playing Michigan on Saturday to earn a spot in the championship series.

We were ranked preseason in spite of Coach Van Horn’s comments to the team before spring. Ranked, partly because (as he said) people were looking at what we did last June. But, ranked, also because we are being recognized as a consistent top tier program. A blue blood of college baseball. Quite frankly, I don’t see that changing any time soon.

No. I don’t think we overachieved at all this year. Anymore than any other blue blood does most years in basketball or football. We are a great program. Get used to “exceeding expectations “.