Thank You Coach Sam Pittman

No matter what the final outcome of the season - I am so “Thankful” you are our coach

Thankful you took a broken down Hog that was more dog than hog and immediately set the right tone - "You choose US even if we really didn’t choose you in the hunt for a coach

I am thankful you didn’t start saying - It will take time - Though in my mind I knew it would - You said you would start and win with the players you have - and you did

I am Thankful you didn’t make excuses about how the SEC front office screwed Arkansas with the Schedule - you called it an opportunity and your players believed it and played like it was an opportunity not a set up for failure - Fans - We still hate the SEC front office - we know they could care less about us - But because of you Coach Sam we are getting good press and the SEC bad press for what they have done to Arkansas

I am thankful - you are making Arkansas a place that is Blue Collar Football again and every talented kid that was not chosen by a Bama can find a home here to beat Bama (in Time - because I see you will and will do it with hard nose football)

I am Thankful - you are Arkansas coach - in tough times - a football game can make people’s lives a little better when all the world is crazy - Thank you Coach Sam for what you have done

Now I’m hanging up so other fans can tell you for what they are Thankful about you and our Razorbacks this Thanksgiving Week


Best post I’ve read in a very long time…


Love it!


Amen, very well said, great post.


No need to add anything.


You expressed my feeling perfectly. Thank you for choosing us, Coach Pittman. We are lucky to have you. You make us proud again.


THANKS Coach. It can’t be said enough!


Well said.


Well done bluegrass…we are thankful.


Cheers BG and Thanks


Ditto Blue Grass and thank you :boar::football::us::clap:

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I’m not into eating Crow - I wasn’t joyous at first with Coach Sam Pittman hire - I saw it as another circle in the toilet before the program completely was flushed and we became KANSAW (like UKansas)

Well - was totally wrong - We found a coach that is the perfect fit for Arkansas - It will be better - the play of these Kids is remarkable - So am I am a believer? YESSSSSS SIRRR!

So instead of eating Crow I’ll have a glass in toast to Coach Sam Pittman and His Fighting Razorbacks and the SEC PTB be DaXXXX!

old crow


Sam is the absolute best – very fortunate to have him as our coach!


After a lousy 2020 for so many reasons & with very few positives, Hog football under CSP has been the highlight of our household. He has made Razorback football fun again & something to look forward to after so many difficult years. Excited about future seasons with CSP driving the Hog football program.

Also thanks to HY as our AD, Musselman who will return Hog hoops to greatness, Van Horn, & the rest of the athletic dept coaches & staff who make us proud to be Razorback fans.


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