Thank you Coach Sam and Our Razorbacks - After the Post game Interviews I got

Coach Sam you said some words I have wanted to hear that have been missing for 4 coaches past now

1.You said: “We are not going to embarrass the State of Arkansas and our Fans” (my summery)

I feel restored as a Razorback fan - TYSM - Ive been waiting to hear that - I grew weary of the attitude these Kids are simply here to get an education - No - they represent the People of Arkansas and in turn they get an education and opportunity

  1. I am so proud of our Players - they are thier coaches team already! These Razorbacks fight and I was so proud of them - Got to let my anger subside at the blown call and the typical unmanly cowardice (or possible prejudice) of the SEC Offcials

What Im grateful for is the nation saw it and once again for the next few days the SEC offcials have splaining to do On how they influnced the game and Of course helped a charter member school advance

These Auburn Players will not want to play Arkansas again anytime soon

I will watch in humor as Auburn fans move forward to fire Gus and Morris and this game will helps them - making this a Pyrrhic Victory at best for Ole Gus

TYSM Coach Sam for giving us Arkansas Football back - I’m hoping the team can heal in body and spirit - Thank you - I saw Fighting Razorbacks on the field not guys worried about what style of uniform they were wearing - TYSM I think Arkansas is back - just keep building


What’s TYSM?

Thank you so much.


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