Thank you Coach A

Thank you for backing off the gambling, trapping, pressuring, and instead playing a style which is fundamentally sound, and allows us to play to the potential of the players we have.

That’s all I have asked for all year, as I have been vocally critical.

I will now enthusiastically say “Well done”.


I definitely like the zone on the road. When refs are against you, it’s hard to really play the way we want. But, when we are at home the press is VERY effective, there’s a reason CMA has the 4th best winning percentage at home among active coaches. The press with our crowd is very hard to overcome.

I think we should be able to trap out of the zone on occasion, and zone also avoids those situations where Moses is guarding a point guard 25 feet out with no rim protection. I’d like to see the zone used extensively in the home defensive mix as well. Don’t need to play 100% zone, home or road, but throw it in there as we did tonight.

Great job by coach and the players. It looks like he’s understanding what this team can and can’t do and is coaching to the team’s strengths. Keep it up!

I totally agree. He coached and the team played a great game. I’m glad to see the changes.

Well said, Doc. Coach Anderson finally relented and played the zone. South Carolina is not as talented as Arkansas, in my view. Coach Martin has done a great job getting that team in the Top 20. They play hard nosed defense, but are not a good offensive team…not as good as Arkansas. We have better skilled players than they. If we can stick with the zone and play like we did last night…we can make the NCAAs this year.

Frank Martin reminds me of Eddie Sutton. His teams outplay their ability.

Nice road win over a good team.

Conference-only 3-point shooting percentage:

40% Arkansas
38% Kentucky L
38% Florida L
37% Auburn (yet to play)
37% Vanderbilt W, L
36% Mississippi State L
35% LSU W, W
35% Georgia (yet to play)
35% South Carolina W
34% Texas A&M W
33% Tennessee W
32% Ole Miss (yet to play)
31% Alabama W
31% Missouri W, L (OK, can’t explain that one)

It will take another positive evolution for Arkansas to beat a good outside shooting team like Florida. The Gators made 11 threes (58%) against Auburn. Canyon Barry scored 30. Without John Egbunu, though, Florida lacks inside muscle.

My main concern right now is the home crowd. I’m convinced that the paltry audience affected the team’s morale for the Vanderbilt game. Playing in an empty arena has to affect these guys.

I will be there Saturday. Will you?

I have to give CMA credit for changing away from total dependence upon the trapping defenses. He impressed me that he made the change, because i was afraid he wouldn’t. This team has to get the win over Ole Miss Saturday to keep the trend going.